8 Tips for Buying a House in Europe

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We all have visited Europe once in our lifetime. Those who have not, we hope that you do it soon. One visit to the place seems like magic; the beauty of it is unmatchable. People who have traveled across Europe over the years want to settle there. Well, that is Europe for you. It is the perfect balance of history, culture, and the modern world.

Why settle in Europe?

Source: pexels.com

• Incredible- Yes, Europe is truly incredible. The landscapes, the ridges, the mountains, and the streets. Europe is full of cultural diversity, yet everything is so close. You get to experience all of it without putting in a lot of money or time

• Food- Even though you will land upon many big food processing companies, there is a huge market for fresh produce throughout the continent. There is a shared love for homemade bread, rich chocolate, beer, and cheese. In various countries like France and Italy, there is a culture for supporting local shops.

• History- They have so much past to Europe that your mind will explode knowing the fascinating details about it. Knowing Europe is a wholesome experience. Surprisingly, you don’t have to do it by being behind the world. This place is well developed and prospering as each year passes by.

• Affordable- Some cities can be out of your budget, but many places in Europe are affordable to live a quality life of your liking.

So, the question is- How do you buy a house in Europe?

According to www.boon-vastgoed.nl there are varied factors that you need to consider while buying a house anywhere. There is so much that goes into planning when you decide to move your life all across the ocean.

There is a great saying; knowledge saves your time and money. You would want a house that fits your personality. So why not gain some perspective regarding the idea of buying a place in Europe as a foreigner. For the same purpose, the following are the things that you should keep in your mind.

Never do anything without a proper plan. Unless you have not planned adequately you are bound to suffer the consequences. Therefore, planning your life once you move to this incredible continent is essential. Or at least have an idea of what your life would look like after you move.

1. Be Confident

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It is a different experience while you have a vacation and an altogether different one when you are planning to settle. Sometimes the idea of a place could be more appealing than the place itself. You should not have regrets later. Instead, pack your bags and go for a trip to the place you are planning to buy a house in. Try living and spending as you would in your daily life. It not only helps you learn more about the place but also see whether you can accommodate it.

2. Residential Rules

Not every country works like your current one. You should thoroughly go through the residential regulations of the country you want to settle in. If you are from the U.S., you can benefit from the agreement between 25 EU countries and the U.S. It allows you to stay for short visits of 90 days within six months without a visa. It does not work if you plan on staying for a long time. EU countries support retirees who can make sure of living without needing a job in their country very happily.

3. Taxes

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Another thing that you must keep in mind is the taxes. Living in a European house or even owning one subjects you to a different amount of taxes. For example, in France, the tax applies to all your assets throughout the world. You may also have to pay wealth taxes if your annual income is beyond the given level.

4. Investigate the Market

Real estate in different countries or places has its rise and fall. Make sure to buy the estate when the prices are at their least. For this, you need to understand the market over there.

It includes learning about the currency value, exchange rate, and financial stability of the country. Also, be aware of the fact that some countries do not allow foreigners to own a place. Now you don’t want the ownership of your home under someone else, do you?

5. Professional Assistance

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It is better to take professional help. You are guided through the whole procedure; beginning from selecting a suitable locality to finishing the purchase under your name.

They also make sure that you get the best deal possible. Even though it seems easy, you should make sure you are not in the real estate trap and lose all your hard-earned money to these brokers.

6. Legal Representative

An intelligent choice is to hire a lawyer who will represent you and will look out for any frauds and legal problems in case of your properties abroad.

7. Documents

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What decides the ownership? Obviously the legally-binding papers you will sign to make the place yours. Documents are a must in this journey, and mind you; there will be loads of them. It shouldn’t make you careless about their value. Get all the documents translated in the language you prefer and read them before signing them.

8. Save money

Since you reside in a different country, exchanging your currency and thus requiring banks for the job is obvious. Look out for better services and research your transaction details before transferring your funds.


No doubt Europe is a small yet beautiful continent. It has so much to offer to anyone who wishes to relocate. But moving can be a thrilling and overwhelming experience. Keeping the above points in mind will prevent you from having any regrets about moving to a new country. Finally, you can start packing your bags once you feel like you have read everything and are confident about the move.