How Often Should You Update Your Lingerie Style?


Let’s jump into a bit of frank talk here. How old is your current lingerie? Or when have you last shopped for new lingerie? You don’t remember, right? absolutely. That is the negligence or care women attest to their lingerie. Just because they are barely visible. But, a lot depends on how often you are changing your lingerie, do you know that?

Do you know that experts say that lingerie style should be changed every six months?

There is a good chance of your lingerie being bleached out. Bleached lingerie is not good for looks and health as well. Hence, experts recommend a new lingerie style after every 180 wears.

However, some women maintain rotations of lingerie, while a few others go with the wash and wear method. In either case, the expert recommended number is the best advice to vouch by. While the lingerie naturally doesn’t fit your needs after a certain time period, there are certain other reasons that back the need to change the lingerie periodically.

The elastic loosens after a particular period, which becomes annoying. With changing outfits your existing lingerie may not suit the outfit. They bleach out over time. Lingerie wears out quickly compared to an external outfit.

It doesn’t matter how many rotations of lingerie you maintain and how much care you take of them, they are bound to expire sooner or later, thanks to the bleaching, expiration date, elasticity, and wear and tear. Thus, it becomes essential to change your lingerie style.

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Stretched out back


It doesn’t matter if you gain or lose weight or even stay as it is without losing or gaining extra pounds, the back of your bra eventually and naturally stretches out. It happens for not one reason but many reasons. The hooks tighten the position of the bra but not all bras have hooks.

Hence, it becomes uncomfortable with stretched-out bras. Even panties stretch out near the waist over time. It is extremely uncomfortable to deal with loose lingerie. That is surely a red flag that you should shift to new lingerie.

Improper sized cups

For women, bra cups play an important role in selecting a proper bra. They should be equidistantly placed, properly fitted, and adequately sized. If any one of these things doesn’t fit in, then it’s a complete waste of investment. Even though the bra comes perfectly in shape and size, it is bound to stretch out over time due to frequent and repeated usage.

No matter how carefully you maintain it, it inevitably happens over time. Hence, it is important to change the lingerie, if you experience discomfort in your cups.

As the shape and size of your cups are disturbed over a period of time, you don’t feel comfortable in them. The disturbed shape also shows through your outfit. That is when you realize the need to change to new lingerie.



The fabric of the lingerie thins out and becomes narrow after many usages. In such cases, the underwire and straps slip into places that feel uncomfortable and ought not to be slipped into.

As the fabric, straps, or underwire slips into inappropriate places, it becomes difficult to deal with.

Also, if neglected in the long term, as some women adjust with the inappropriateness, they even cause rashes or allergies over a duration of time. Hence, it is better to shift to new lingerie way before all this begins to happen.

Fabric breakdown

The fabric of the lingerie too has a life span and an expiration date no matter how qualitative or costly it is. Even though you compromise with the stretched-out lingerie, it breaks and splits over time, which makes it unwearable.

A fabric that is broken down doesn’t fulfill its purpose or performs well. That is when you finally realize it is time to shift to new lingerie. However, it is recommended to not wait until the fabric falls apart. It is neither healthy nor a good practice as it doesn’t serve its purpose well.

Lingerie hair


As has been mentioned above, there are various reasons for your lingerie to become outdated. This is one of them. Not just lingerie, all fabrics have little hair-like threads.

Although they look and feel fine and soft in the initial few days of buying, they become rough and spike up after a few washes. They may cause irritation and slip into bodily parts as they are fine and tiny threads.

Depending on the fabric quality and roughness, they may also cause allergies or other skin issues over a period of time, if you don’t change them immediately.

Also, a bra that starts shedding its fabric loses its strength and may not support your breasts as strongly as before. The same case applies to panties too. You can still continue to use them but, consider that this is the stage where you must start looking for new lingerie styles.


Women generally buy their lingerie at the time of buying their outfits so that they can buy the ones that perfectly suit their outfits. Although it is not required to mention, it is better to update your lingerie every time you update your wardrobe. This helps you choose the right lingerie set that fits your outfit styles.

There are a lot more advantages to updating your lingerie while shifting to a new outfit.

The lingerie will not show through the clothes and perfectly suits your outfit style.


These are just a few things that need immediate attention when it comes to updating your lingerie. As has been mentioned, changing your lingerie every six months or after 180 wears is an ideal choice. However, it varies from person to person and various other factors as has been mentioned above.

But, keep in mind, it is not a healthy choice to keep using the same lingerie over and over again. They need to be updated and it is better if you don’t wait for the right time or discount offers to kick in.