3 Types of Creative AI Marketing Tools You Can Use for Free

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Artificial intelligence or AI has been subject to studies and research. Although it’s presented as the future for businesses, there is an issue of whether it might cause large-scale job losses in various industries around the world.

So far, AI seems to be just augmenting or supplementing business functions, especially for creators who are in the phase of starting their own business. The great thing about this technology is that it’s readily available for anyone who needs it, be it for business or personal use.

AI marketing: An overview

Artificial Intelligence is a myriad of different tools for a variety of tasks that are usually done by humans. AI marketing tools aim to simulate human intelligence by performing tasks that can help businesses collect and analyze data that will then be used for reaching out to target consumers and improving business performance.

Benefits of using AI marketing tools

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For a creator or a small business owner who is yet to afford a team and a set of costly business tools, free AI marketing tools provide great assistance. Even without manual programming, AI technology can help perform repetitive tasks so that business owners can focus on higher-value tasks. Its predictive nature also automatically generates insights and suggestions on what you can do to improve and increase business performance or profit.

Here’s a quick look at the benefits of AI marketing for creators and small business owners:

• Personalized customer experience based on customer personas
• Speeds up content creation
• Help provide ideas on content topics and distribution schedules
• Make practical predictions from data based on consumer behavior
• Simplify tedious processes
• Perform round-the-clock tasks

3 Types of free marketing tools for personal businesses

The use of AI technology can seem ambitious and expensive. Fortunately, there are free and affordable AI marketing tools that entrepreneurs and startups can use to help build their businesses.

1. AI voiceovers for product videos

AI voices are artificial voices often used in turning text into audible speech. Thanks to technology, voiceovers sound more human nowadays, unlike the robotic options people had before. There are even choices for male or female voices and regional accents. You can check out Clipchamp online video editor, which has a text-to-speech feature with 170 lifelike voices to choose from.

There are many uses for AI voiceovers. For creators who are looking to build a business, automated speech can be used for:

• Product or business promotions
• Explainer or tutorial videos
• Podcast ads or intros
• Digital marketing
• E-books

But why should you choose to use AI voiceovers over real human voices? There are good reasons and appropriate cases where automated voices are the better choice. First, professional human voice talents are expensive. Not only will you have to pay for the voice actor’s fee, but you also have to pay for the use of a recording studio and equipment.

AI voiceovers are easier and quicker to use. If you have a project that requires a voiceover, you don’t have to consume time finding the right talent, negotiating, rehearsing, recording, and editing. Using an AI voice, you can immediately apply it to your videos or recording whenever you wish.

2. AI-generated marketing content

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Artificial Intelligence can help creators plan and strategize their content in many ways.

There are AI tools that collect a large amount of data and creators can use those to make decisions when it comes to creating and posting content. Such data may have to do with which geographic locations or regions you should target, what topics are trending for specific audience types, and the right time to post such content.

The data that AI content tools collect is based on the search history, activities, behavior, and intent of a user. Aside from that, AI can also help boost SEO by optimizing content and making sure that those are compliant with the standards of the brand and the digital platforms where they will be posted. Popular AI marketing tools are CopyAI and Legal Robot.

3. AI-powered customer service

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Customer service is a big factor in gaining and retaining customers. But for creators who are just starting their businesses, it can be a challenge to be able to respond to each and every single customer that sends an inquiry, question, or complaint. Hiring a team of customer service representatives can be quite costly. So, what to do?

You’ve probably seen a website with a chatbox that pops out of one corner, asking you what you need help with. That’s a chatbot. It’s a simple yet effective solution to responding to customer queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The AI tool is programmed to provide an automated response based on search words that customers enter into the chatbox.

Although most customers know that those are automated responses, it’s a better experience than not getting any answer at all.

There are free tools you can use for enhancing the communication and engagement features of your website. One tool you can check out is Flow XO. It’s an AI tool that helps you set up a chatbot for your customers. It’s a great way to relieve your workload, especially if you are running your business alone or working with just a small team. An additional benefit of chatbots is that it never has a bad day, so you can rest assured that all the responses your customers will receive are positive and professional.

Join the AI marketing trends now

The benefits and possibilities that come with Artificial Intelligence are worth looking forward to. Adding AI to your marketing strategy will not only keep you from falling behind your competitors but will also help grow and increase your business.

Although it may seem daunting to use advanced technological tools in marketing your business, especially if you haven’t done so before, a lot of AI tools available today are free, affordable, and very easy to use. If you haven’t joined the AI marketing bandwagon yet, now is the time you should.