The importance of early learning

The importance of early learning is a topic that has been debated for years. Some believe children need to be taught how to read and write before they can learn anything else, while others say this is too limiting and that kids should be able to learn as they go.

Early learning is important because it allows children to have a better chance at success in life. It also benefits the community as a whole by providing more jobs and less crime. Read more in detail here: benefits of early childhood education to the community.

Dr. Maria Montessori stated more than a century ago that a child’s development spanned from birth to 24 years.

The region of the brain that controls social behavior and logical decision-making continues to grow until we are well into our thirties, according to research.

However, Dr. Helen Stevens, a clinical psychologist who leads early attachment services in Greater Manchester, would argue that it starts even before birth.

“A baby’s brain is extremely sensitive to the environment in which it is growing and the care they get throughout pregnancy and the first two years of life – it has a physical effect on their developing brain,” she added.

“An baby who has a parent or caregiver who can fulfill his or her emotional needs may develop emotional regulation, attentional control, and empathy abilities. They will also acquire a feeling of self-worth and a faith in the world and other people.”

Paint Pots Montessori Schools founder Georgina Hood thinks that fostering independence from a young age is critical.

“By establishing a home and school that promotes independence, you may make the child’s surroundings more accessible. Install low hooks so kids can hang their own coats and low shelves so they can reach and choose books and toys before putting them away.”


Children, on the other hand, need time to do things their own way, according to her.

“In order for children to grow up happy and healthy, they need time to acquire skills and time that is not hurried and sometimes unplanned for wonder and curiosity,” Georgina said.

“Children need the flexibility and leisure to explore their surroundings.”

Allowing children to discover their own path is important, according to Sarah Sutherland, head of pre-prep at Windlesham House School in West Sussex.

“The ability to make choices, choose activities for oneself, and navigate social circumstances is essential for good wellbeing,” she added.

“Supporting wellbeing in the early years ensures that our children grow up to be happy, healthy adults who understand the value of caring for themselves, others, and the environment in which they live. It’s all too tempting to want to hurry children forward to the next stage of their life, but we must allow them to be kids.

“Covid has shown how we can alter the way we operate while still achieving results. Our youngsters are seeing firsthand how the most innovative ideas are the most effective.

“We are influencing the future by moving away from teaching children what to study and instead assisting them in learning how to learn. They will be fearless problem solvers and risk takers. We are capable of doing so, and there is no better moment than now.”

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Early learning is important for children’s development. It helps them to develop skills that will help them in the future. Reference: early childhood education requirements.

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