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Dread Mar-I is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He was born on July 29th, 1988 in St. Louis, Missouri to a mother of African descent and a father of European descent.

Dread Mar-I is a singer, songwriter, and record producer. He has released two albums with his group Dread Mar-I & the Souljazz Orchestra.

Dread Mar-I is an Argentine reggae singer, composer, and bandleader who has charted and sold millions of albums. His sensuous, passionate vocal delivery veers between deep roots reggae and the delicacy of lovers rock. Mariano Javier Castro was born in January 1978 in Quequén, Argentina. His family relocated to Maip, a Buenos Aires suburb, when he was seven years old. He worked at his father’s bakery in addition to going to school. During these formative years, he became interested in music, reggae, and Rastafarianism after hearing Bob Marley’s songs in the neighborhood. He graduated from high school and worked during the day while developing his musical skills at night.

Jah Guia His first professional engagement was with the Reggae Messengers as lead vocalist. Dread formed a band and went solo after three years. Jah Guia, his first album, was released independently at first, but it gained widespread notice when a handful of entrepreneurial DJs chose to play it. His concerts grew in size, and big labels began to approach him. In 2006, Sony/BMG signed him and republished Jah Guia across Latin America. Sales exceeded everyone’s expectations. He was invited to be a reliable opener for famous reggae big band Los Cafres (and sing in their backup chorus), which included a huge performance at Luna Park, which significantly increased the singer’s reputation. Later that year, he and his band played with the Wailers and Peter Tosh Band at the inaugural annual Bob Marley Day event at Luna Park. Working with Los Cafres and headlining his own shows had its benefits; he was able to make a second album with his own band, Los Guerreros del Rey, as a result of the attention — and the money. In 2007, it was released. With the publication of the album Amor-es the following year, Dread became a popular attraction. He performed more than 70 performances throughout the country and also traveled internationally. He was Argentina’s most successful reggae artist by the time Viv en Do was published in 2010, and he had developed a worldwide fanbase that spanned much of Latin America.

His name was also known in the Caribbean: Tranquilo, released in 2011, was a collaboration with Luciano, a Jamaican musician. He toured Mexico and the United States with his new backup band, Warriors of the King. Dread worked at Panda and TAMS studios in late 2011 and early 2012 to produce Transparente, a song that landed him on the reggae, tropical, and Latin streaming charts. It also demonstrated his growing studio prowess, since he mixed it himself. His Luna Park performances were almost difficult to get into as a result of his popularity; tickets sold out months in advance. In early 2014, he returned to the studio and released the smash song “Nada,” which included a Jamaican chorus. He followed it up with the YouTube video single “No Te Asustes Ahora,” which racked up hundreds of millions of views in its first few weeks. As a consequence, En el Sendero, a 17-song full-length album, earned gold.

Dread marked his tenth anniversary as a recording artist in 2016 with a performance at Buenos Aires’ enormous El Planetario. Admission was free if you brought food, clothes, or cash for the homeless. The publication of 10 Anos, an extensive audio-video package that includes both new and old music as well as a documentary, ascended the streaming and download rankings. The studio track “Hoja en Blanco,” a revised vallenato classic, was also included on the album. It received over five million views after a demo version was posted on the artist’s Facebook page.

The dre mar is an American rapper and actor. He has released many albums, singles, and mixtapes since the beginning of his career in 1997.

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Dread Mar is an American.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is Dread Mar Jamaican?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:””}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Where was Dread Mar I born?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Dread Mar I was born in the city of
Q: What is the capital of France?
The capital of France is Paris”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

What nationality is Dread Mar?

Dread Mar is an American.

Is Dread Mar Jamaican?


Where was Dread Mar I born?

Dread Mar I was born in the city of Q: What is the capital of France? The capital of France is Paris

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