Mythic+ Beginner Guide


WoW is one of the most exciting games with intriguing plans, impressive characters, thrilling expansions, and authentic game modes. Irrespective of your experience and gaming skills, it is the option that will never leave you indifferent. If you are one of those passionate and goal-oriented players, at some point, you will surely get interested in the Mythic+ Dungeon system. What is it and why are so many gamers eager to participate?

Take your time to discover the basics and dive into the specifications so that you could take the maximum advantage out of them with

Generally, Mythic Plus is one of the fundamental forms of the PvE content in World of Warcraft. The 5-player Dungeon system is characterized by an infinite scaling challenge.
The basic specification of the system is an opportunity it gives players to compete against the timer. However, the emphasis is put not on the speed but the quality of execution.

Additionally, it provides users with a chance to advance the complexity of the dungeons during the level-up process so that they get more rewards during the final stage.

If you are just investigating the WoW game and you are a level 1 player, there is no chance to come across the Mythic+ extension. Nonetheless, as you proceed to the level 120 character, you can think of the system and its peculiarities. There are no entry requirements or other specifications, so any type of battle can be accomplished on Mythic Plus.

How can an inexperienced player start a Mythic+? Adhere to the guidelines to succeed with the experience:

• Set the corresponding difficulty level;

• Enter the necessary dungeon;

• Locate the “Font of Power”.

Once you use the key and take advantage of the Mythic Keystone in the bag, you are ready to start the dungeon. The Mythic Plus dungeons are the fundamental ways to obtain gear along with raiding. At the beginning of the weekly reset, players have an opportunity to open a box and get rewards based on the highest level of the dungeon done in the previous week. The rewards may vary a lot and reach up to level 475.

Overview of the System


Are you excited about the opportunities and challenges available in Mythic+? Are you ready to immerse yourself in the dungeon? Here are numerous facts you will be excited to hear:

• All the basic Shadowlands dungeons, except for the Megadungeon, are available on Mythic Plus;

• The completion of the dungeon is ultimately rewarding, as you can get the epic gear that cannot be compared to anything else, except for the raiding source;

• Starting the system, you should be ready for various levels. Thus, a level 3 dungeon, for instance, will be more challenging than the previous level but less complicated than level 5;

• The higher level of the dungeon you reach, the more valuable reward you are likely to get;

• Enemies you encounter in the dungeons feature higher health pools that can cause more damage;

• Reaching specific levels, the dungeon obtains the “affix” which transforms the behavior of the enemies and aggravates the complexity of the content;

• Every single week, players get a rich assortment of Mythic+ gear to choose from. Keep in mind that the items you get depend on the way you performed the previous week.

How to Start the Dungeon


Even if you know everything about Mythic+, you cannot start it unless some of the players in your party have a corresponding Keystone. Once you succeed with this point, you are ready to let the show begin.

First of all, you need to set the dungeon complexity level to Mythic. Then, you can enter the desired dungeon. On the entrance, you will get a Font of Power object, which will help you progress in the game.

The gamer who has a Keystone should activate the game by clicking the Font of Powers. At this point, the Mythic Plus UI will be opened, requiring the Keystone to be transferred from the bags into a socket. In a few minutes, the Keystone level will be updated, and players will receive extra information about the current dungeon.

The moment you click the Activate button, all the players will get their UI reloaded, and the 10-second countdown timer starts. Finally, the wall will be removed, and you will see the Mythic+ timer activated. Although it seems no-brained for experienced gamers, it may become a true challenge for newcomers. However, once you succeed at this stage, you have a unique chance to relish an impressive game worth your time, energy, and attention.

Completion of the Mythic+ Dungeon: Key Steps to Success


Your prosperity within the dungeon depends mainly on your acknowledgment of the task.

The goal of the player is to overcome all the bosses and deal with a particular amount of trash before the timer goes off. The very moment the assignment is accomplished, the participant gets rewarded with a chest full of loot. Additionally, successful completion of the dungeon is associated with the Mythic Keystone update. What can you expect to receive?

That will vary a lot, depending on your prosperity, but the most typical items may include:

• A higher-level keystone relevant for a different dungeon, as well as two pieces of loot and the party with Anima. These are generous rewards for beating the timer;

• A single piece of loot and Anima are the items you get even if you fail to bear the timer but still manage to deal with the dungeon. Besides, you will obtain a keystone that can be used for the dungeon one level lower than the current one;

• No loot and the lower level keystone are the options you get if you fail with both the timer and dungeon completion.

Although some points may be confusing for first-time players, you will deal with the details right after the first game. Adhere to the signs and windows that appear on display to get a better understanding of the process and potential outcomes.