Here’s the 10 ways that you can make charity your mission

Charities are always in need of volunteers, donations, and support. This article will tell you 10 ways that you can make charity your mission.

The how to start a foundation to help others is a way that you can make charity your mission. There are 10 ways that you can make charity your mission.

Every year, the public donates billions of pounds to charity organizations in the United Kingdom.

During the initial wave of the pandemic, there was a significant rise in the number of individuals giving or sponsoring to the cause of “hospitals and hospices,” with up to a fifth of people explicitly reporting donating to organizations that assist the NHS.

Here are some more worthwhile projects that you may help both locally and globally.



For over 135 years, SSAFA, the armed forces charity, has looked after the military community. It is always developing to suit the changing requirements of the British military, both past and present.

SSAFA (Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Families Association) recognizes that behind every uniform is a person who may be reached at any time, in any manner, and for as long as they need assistance.

SSAFA is the UK’s oldest national tri-service military charity, supporting regulars, reserves, veterans, and their families in the Armed Forces. Over 5,000 volunteers make up the network, which offers physical and emotional assistance to people in need both in the UK and overseas.

The charity collaborates with other military charities and specialized organizations to ensure that people in need get the help they need in a timely and suitable manner, while still preserving their freedom and dignity.

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2. Ronald McDonald House Charities in the United Kingdom


Even in the middle of a worldwide epidemic, children’s accidents and illnesses continue. Ronald McDonald House Charities UK provides free ‘home away from home’ lodging to families of children receiving medical treatment. The charity’s homes are located only minutes away from partnering NHS specialty hospitals, allowing parents to remain near to their children who are receiving treatment.

In 11 Houses throughout the UK, Ronald McDonald House Charities UK offers a secure and welcoming environment for families with children in hospitals. When a kid is ill, parents often have to travel long distances to be with them at the hospital. Some of the weight is lifted by the charity. Houses provide a space for parents to prepare a meal, relax, and recharge while still being close to their kid’s hospital bedside, allowing them to be with their child for as long as they need.

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3. Orbis


The most common cause of blindness is cataracts. Children are becoming blind in many nations due to a lack of access to therapy. They may lose their sight permanently if they are not treated in a timely manner.

Orbis is working to eliminate preventable blindness by increasing access to high-quality eye care. Vaishnavi, who was five years old at the time, was falling down and wasn’t playing as much as she used to. San and Vaishnavi were so concerned that they had to fly 150 kilometers to the closest experts at India’s Akhand Jyoti Eye Institute, which is sponsored by Orbis. The cataract was identified and removed by doctors. Vaishnavi might have gone blind, struggled at school, and failed to reach her full potential. She now has a better future thanks to Orbis supporters.

Thousands of individuals in Africa and Asia are at danger of permanent blindness each year due to cataract surgeries that may cost as little as £20. You may bestow the gift of sight on them.

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4. Relieve Stress


Before getting assistance, many veterans have reached rock bottom. Michael’s mental health problems had wreaked havoc on his life for 30 years, but when he got treatment from veterans’ mental health organisation Combat Stress, his life was changed. He was able to conquer his rage, despair, and nightmares, which had plagued him for years, with the assistance of a specialist.

Veterans often tell the Combat Stress specialist professional team that their mental health therapy is life-changing and, in some instances, life-saving.

Thousands of veterans depend on Combat Stress, and the organization is reliant on the generosity of the general public, particularly those who leave bequests in their wills. Currently, one out of every five veterans served by Combat Stress is supported by these contributions, so please consider what a difference you may make by leaving a legacy to Combat Stress.

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The Marine Conservation Society is number five.


We are all searching for pleasure in the little things in life during this tough time, such as the first spring flowers blooming or the beautiful blue sky. Many of us find peace in the water; watching crashing waves and admiring the beautiful marine life that surrounds the UK may help us relax.

Over 70% of our world is covered by water, which provides more than half of the oxygen we breathe and absorbs over a third of our carbon emissions. However, due to decades of human activities such as pollution, habitat loss, and overfishing, our ocean is in terrible condition.

Marine Conservation Society has been the voice of our oceans for more than 30 years, protecting coastal ecosystems and species.

Your financial support will go towards important efforts to preserve and improve the ocean’s health. Assist us in creating vibrant oceans where wildlife thrives and people prosper.

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Traidcraft Exchange is no. 6 on the list.


Traidcraft Exchange brings people together to combat trade injustice so that industrious people can feed their families and educate their children across the globe. In its most basic form, commerce should benefit all parties involved. Everyone benefits from the trade of goods and money.

Global commerce, on the other hand, does not function this way; instead, it nourishes the wealthy while exploiting the poor. It keeps people impoverished.

Traidcraft’s goal is to question the way global commerce works, and to utilize trade’s potential to generate long-term poverty solutions.

A bequest in your will may be a catalyst for positive change. Your legacy will contribute to the creation of a world free of injustice, in which everyone, regardless of where they were born, may make a good life.

For anyone contemplating leaving a donation to Traidcraft Exchange in their Will, Traidcraft Exchange is presently offering complimentary Will writing. has additional information.

Marie Curie (number 7)


“If you’ve ever lost a loved one to a terminal disease, you understand how essential it is for individuals to spend their last days at home, surrounded by the people they care about,” explains Marie Curie nurse Bindi Poonia.

She works as a Marie Curie nurse at night, caring for patients with terminal illnesses. She’ll often do a lot more than just offer nursing care. “I recall one woman telling me how much she enjoyed having her nails done. So I massaged her arms and did her nails for her while talking. Bindi adds, “She told me that helped her feel like herself again.”

When the crew completes their shift, family members often embrace and thank Bindi. “I believe those individuals are thanking not just me, but all of the people who decided to include a donation in their will to assist Marie Curie nurses,” she continues.

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8. Children’s Villages Around the World


Every kid, according to World Villages for Children, deserves to grow up in a world free of poverty. Ana, a 12-year-old girl from Honduras’ poorest area. She wakes up at 4 a.m. every day to pick coffee in order to help feed her family.

They share a muddy hillside in a makeshift, filthy structure with just two rooms, taking turns sleeping at night. Life is gloomy when you don’t have enough food or clean water to drink, and you don’t have access to healthcare or education.

Fortunately for Ana, benefactors have sponsored a school space via the Sisters of Mary’s humanitarian programs. Ana now gets regular meals, clean clothing, healthcare, a bed, and the education she needs while in their care. She has hope for a brighter future for herself and her family for the first time.

Make a contribution now to assist youngsters like Ana.

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Epilepsy Research UK is a charity dedicated to finding a cure for epilepsy


Epilepsy Research UK is the only charity devoted only to advancing and supporting scientific research into epilepsy’s causes, diagnosis, and therapies.

By providing a bequest in your will, you will be helping to fund research that will benefit people now and give them hope for the future. Will gifts may finance up to half of a charity’s operations. Your contribution, no matter how big or little, will help realize an ambitious goal for epilepsy patients: “a life free of epilepsy.”

Epilepsy Research UK funds research projects and fellowships that are of the highest scientific quality and go through a thorough evaluation process that includes a scientific advisory council, independent expert advice, interviews, and peer review. They want to figure out how to enhance the medical care and management of individuals who have epilepsy, as well as look into the reasons and techniques for better diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. 

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Care International is number ten.


Grace, 17, is a South Sudanese refugee and mother who fled the country’s decades of conflict and bloodshed. While looking for food, her father was murdered. Grace was afterwards kidnapped by several guys and assaulted with a pistol. She didn’t realize she was expecting until her stomach grew.

“I chose to come to Uganda because living in South Sudan was so difficult,” she said. In Uganda, I walked to the border. I’d go for a stroll during the day and then sleep at night, walk then sleep.”

People like Grace are being evicted from their homes at an increasing rate. With a donation to Treatment International, you can assist refugees across the globe get essentials like food, housing, and medical care, as well as psychological counseling to help them cope with trauma.

You may be a lifeline for Grace and other refugees. Could you give the gift of hope to someone today?

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The msf christmas gifts is a charity organization that provides Christmas gifts to military families. Here are 10 ways you can make charity your mission, no matter what it is.

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