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The Bunnymen are an English rock band formed in 1978. They had a string of hits in the 1980s and early 1990s, including “Bring on the Dancing Horses” and “All You Need Is Love”.

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Crocodiles Echo & the Bunnymen’s dark, swirling mix of dismal post-punk and Doors-inspired psychedelia earned the band a cult following in the United Kingdom in the early 1980s. The band began as an angular post-punk band on their debut album, 1980’s Crocodiles, but by 1984’s Ocean Rain, they had become cinematically baroque, thanks to vocalist Ian McCulloch’s magnificent voice and outsized attitude, as well as Will Sergeant’s often superb guitar work. Following their 1987 self-titled album, which yielded the deathless hit “Lips Like Sugar,” the band ran into problems and tragedy (including the death of drummer Pete de Freitas), but McCulloch and Sergeant eventually cemented a musical bond that cracked but never shattered over the course of two decades of albums — some introspective gems like 1999’s What Is Love?

The Crucial Three, a late-’70s group consisting of singer Ian McCulloch, Pete Wylie, and Julian Cope, gave birth to the Bunnymen. By the end of 1977, Cope and Wylie had departed the group, creating the Teardrop Explodes and Wah!, respectively. In the summer of 1978, McCulloch met guitarist Will Sergeant and the two started making recordings using a drum machine they dubbed “Echo.” With the addition of bassist Les Pattinson, the band renamed themselves Echo & the Bunnymen and made their live debut in Liverpool bar Eric’s towards the end of 1978.

Heaven Up Here The group’s debut song, “Pictures on My Wall””Read It in Books,” was released on the local Zoo record label in March 1979. A deal with Korova was secured as a result of the song and their successful live appearances. After signing the deal, the band ditched the drum machine and hired Pete de Freitas as a drummer. Crocodiles, their first album, was released in the summer of 1980 and reached number 17 on the UK charts. Shine So Hard, an EP released in the autumn, was their first Top 40 hit in the United Kingdom. The group gained traction with the more ambitious and atmospheric Heaven Up Here (1981), which received excellent reviews and earned their first UK Top Ten album. Porcupine followed two years later, becoming the band’s greatest success (peaking at number two in the United Kingdom charts) and releasing the Top Ten song “The Cutter.”

Songs to Learn and Sing At the start of 1984, the group’s second Top Ten hit, “The Killing Moon,” was released to great critical acclaim, and the album that followed in May, Ocean Rain, was released to great critical acclaim, peaking at number four in the UK and becoming the Bunnymen’s first album to chart in the US Top 100. The band published just one new song in the next year, “Bring on the Dancing Horses,” which was featured on the collection Songs to Learn & Sing. De Freitas left the band in January 1986, and former Haircut 100 drummer Mark Fox took his place; by September, de Freitas had returned.

Echo & the Bunnymen In the summer of 1987, Echo & the Bunnymen returned with new material, releasing the song “The Game” and a self-titled album. Echo & the Bunnymen became their greatest American hit, reaching number 51; it also charted at number four in the United Kingdom. The album, on the other hand, suggested that the band was stuck in a musical rut. McCulloch quit the band towards the end of 1988 to pursue a solo career, but the rest of the band chose to go on without him. In the summer of 1989, tragedy struck the band when de Freitas was murdered in a car accident. Candleland, McCulloch’s debut solo album, was released in the autumn of 1989 and reached number 18 in the United Kingdom and number 159 in the United States. Reverberation, Echo & the Bunnymen’s first album recorded without McCulloch, was released in 1990 but failed to chart. Mysterio, McCulloch’s second solo album, was released in 1992. McCulloch and Sergeant created Electrafixion two years later, and their first album was released in 1995. In 1997, the duo reformed Echo & the Bunnymen with Pattinson and released the album Evergreen. What Are You Going to Do with Your Life? was released two years later.

Flowers Echo & the Bunnymen returned to their roots in the new century. The band’s narrative flair was lauded in the British press on their 1983 album Ocean Rain, and the band’s ninth album, Flowers, was expected to have the same spark. It was released in the spring of 2001 and included McCulloch’s gloomy vocals as well as Sergeant’s trademark hooks. A year later, the band released Live in Liverpool, a concert CD that captured the band’s two performances at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts while on tour in support of Flowers. McCulloch and Sergeant collaborated with producer Hugh Jones on 2005’s Siberia, the band’s most iconic effort since their 1997 return. Me, I’m All Smiles, released in 2006, recorded the Bunnymen’s performance at Shepherd’s Bush Empire while on tour in support of Siberia. The band announced in early 2008 that they will be releasing their new album, The Fountain, and doing a performance at Radio City Music Hall to commemorate their 30th anniversary. Late 2010 also saw the band perform Crocodiles and Heaven Up Here in their entirety on a brief run of similarly intriguing U.K. concerts.

The Stars, the Oceans & the Moon They remained active on the live scene for the following several years, most notably as the touring support act for a reformed James in 2013. They weren’t strangers to the studio either, having collaborated on their 12th album, Meteorites, with producer Youth. The album was released in 2014 by 429 Records and recreated the grandeur and mystery of far older Echo recordings. It was the band’s first album to enter the UK Top 40 album chart in many years, debuting at number 37. The band kept touring, and their success drew the attention of BMG, who gave them a contract. The Stars, the Oceans, and the Moon, released in 2018, was the first fruit of the collaboration, an album of ancient classics reimagined, some with orchestras and others in stripped-down form. McCulloch and Sergeant co-wrote two new tracks for the album.

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What an echo does?

An echo is a sound that bounces back and forth between two or more walls or surfaces.

What is echo called?

Echo is a sound that repeats and bounces off walls.

What are echo devices?

Echo devices are speakers that play sounds in a room or area.

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