5 Tips For Designing Your Wedding Shoes

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The love that women feel for shoes is simply indescribable. Through their footwear, women express their style, peculiarity and boldness. After all, whatever you wear, the shoes will complete the rest of the outfit. Choosing everyday shoes is not easy and can take hours.

Now imagine what choosing shoes for a wedding day look like. The perfect wedding shoes are as important as a wedding dress. Choosing wedding shoes is something that must be planned and dedicated to both time and money. This is a detail without which there is no completely perfect look on a big day.

Although they are often not seen because of the long wedding dress, shoes are given a sense of elegance to the brides and the very thought of having super perfect shoes raises their self-confidence.

Which shoes you choose on your wedding day, first of all, depends on your wedding dress. Besides the fact that they need to look perfect and fit perfectly with everything else, the shoes must be comfortable. There is no compromise here because you will spend the whole day in those same shoes, and that is your day to remember.

Unfortunately, our market is flooded with ready-made shoes, so the search for perfect but unique shoes will be unplanned prolonged. However, do not lose hope and patience! Why don’t you create your perfect heels by yourself?

Take advantage of your favorite comfortable heels and make them unique for your wedding or simply tell the designer what you want. Design every detail well, or start doing that with professional help. And here they are – the perfect wedding shoes that no one has!

We have dedicated this text to designing the perfect ones for your big day. Listen to your heart and show your creativity. Creating the perfect shoes requires pure love. Here’s what you can do:

1. Find another color for your shoes, or simply paint it!

source: unsplash.com

Don’t forget that at the wedding, in addition to something blue, something new, there should also be something old. Remember your old and well-preserved heels. It is important that you have already worn them and that they were comfortable. And if the color of those shoes doesn’t match with the colors of your wedding, no problem. Paint them!

For coloring, the best shoes are neutral colors lined with fine material or silk. These shoes can be repainted in any desired color, and you will have the perfect and comfortable pair of shoes for your special day. Be free to pick a color and experiment.

2. Draw on the shoes!

The moment that is becoming increasingly popular in the world today is painting shoes tailored to your wedding. If you find a super comfortable and stylishly interesting pair of shoes, painting can be just an additional aesthetic experience.

On the shoes you can paint the details that follow the theme of your wedding, write your names on them, write your favorite verses, etc. Consider hiring an artist to help you with this. One thing is for sure: you will have unique shoes that will be talked about.

3. Ah those crystals!

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Who doesn’t love crystals? Whatever style you have, crystals are something that gives a note of glamor and uniqueness. Of course, your engagement ring should shine, but why not have some crystals under your feet as well? From simple and everyday shoes, just a few crystals on the heels will make an incredible transformation.

You need some crystals, a glue gun and a plan. This is not your wedding game, so only if you are really confident start designing. First make a plan and arrangement of the crystals, make sure every part of it can be arranged in the desired place and get started. Be careful not to put too much glue on the back of the crystal to prevent it from spilling.

If you are still unsure of your abilities and want the perfect shoes for your important day, leave the case to the professionals.

4. Enrich the soles!

Source: harrietwilde.com

Women who understand heels know what the red sole on heels means. There is little that is as special and sexy as this detail. Subtle yet striking and enchanting. Why don’t you also have an amazing sole on your shoes on your wedding day? Getting designer wedding shoes will make it even more special.

If you don’t know what blue should be on you that day, choose the right tone of blue for your shoes. With very little effort and a little acrylic paint, the sole of your perfect high heels can be covered with a beautiful blue color. This detail will also have a great effect on photos.

If you want to go a step further, you can write your names, date, or your favorite verses on the sole. Some funny phrases can give a little humor to that wonderful day. You can print all this yourself and it would be great if you could hire a calligrapher to give a dose of art and aesthetics to all this.

If you prefer zircons, you can even draw Ms. and Mrs. with their help. To summarize, the message will be subtle but not unnoticed and you will have great photos. You will be proud of this pair of shoes.

5. Get interesting buckles

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Shoe buckles are an ornament that you can take off and put on as needed. The buckle is placed either on the heel or on the front of the shoe, depending on the model and your creativity. If you are creative enough, you can make them yourself.

If you are still unsure of your abilities, order them online or consult a professional designer. Even the simplest heels with interesting buckles become exclusive. It is only important that you have a vision of what you want and what effect you want to achieve.

Your wedding is a special day, not only for you but also for all the people who truly love you. Therefore, do not defend yourself with modesty. The wedding should be anything but modest, and allow yourself to really create and live your fairy tale.

Your best friend on this day will definitely be the shoes you choose. It certainly has to be comfortable, but shoes with their look and design carry a strong message. Not every shoe is for everyone, so this is a great opportunity to introduce yourself.