Why Scott Cooper’s Hostiles Is the Best Modern Western in the Last 5 Years – 2024 Guide

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Western movies can be either amazing and extremely captivating, or they can be just a distant shadow of what was supposed to be represented. It is said that people who enjoy these films either say that they are brilliant or that they should not have been made. Because of this, you need to be extremely cautious when searching for the right piece to watch. There are thousands of these films, and some are definitely better than others, but here we are going to talk about the best one. Continue reading if you want to know why Scott Cooper’s Hostiles is the best modern Western in the last five years.

A stellar cast and brilliant director


The first thing that you are going to notice when playing this piece is that everyone, starting from the producer and writer, up to the people starting in it, is just masterfully chosen. In the leading roles, you can see the award-winning Christian Bale perfectly portraying Capt. Joseph J. Blocker, Rosamund Pike in the role of Rosalee Quaid, and Wes Studi taking the role of Chief Yellow Hawk. They are all just beautiful to watch, and the way they act will make you become a part of the story, and feel their pain, love, confusion, and regret.

Scott Jason Cooper is a seasoned director, who before releasing Hostiles was known for Crazy Heart (2009), Out of the Furnace (2013), and Black Mass (2015).

Captivating story

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The way that this story is portrayed will captivate you from the first second you start watching the film. It is a piece about an army captain who needs to decide if he is going to help a native family and their chief through an area that could be deadly for everyone.

Follow their story as you learn so much about the past, struggles, things we don’t understand, and things that we think we know. The tension is so high that you will feel scared, hopeful, angry, and even defeated at some points. It will keep you on the edge of your seat and you won’t pause the movie even for a minute.

Great cinematography

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Lastly, the cinematography, camera angles, and costumes are more than just on point. Starting from the beautiful scenery, outfits that perfectly portray the late 1800s, and a great movement, you will stay in awe. Not many movies are able to captivate all these things, and you will be surprised by the way this piece is filmed.

Overall, every single part of the piece is amazing, and viewers and critics all agree that it is something that you need to watch, no matter if you love westerns or if you are more interested in drama pieces that will make you question things and dig deeper into the history and things that are unknown to you.

Scott Cooper’s Hostiles is not a movie that you will easily forget, and it will stick with you for years to come. You will compare every other western to it, and it will set a new bar for you and the pieces you’ve seen.