How to Negotiate Personal Injury Settlement Without an Attorney


Law is a very tricky business and there is just one reason why lawyers tend to charge so much money from you when they are representing you. It is highly complicated, it needs a lot of knowledge and a lot of brains to make and win a case.

With that being said it doesn’t always mean you have to have a lawyer by your side. Although the law is complicated and extensive, there are some legal matters that you can handle yourself.

What you should steer clear of is when you have a problem that is either too personal or not appropriate to represent yourself. These are the times you should get yourself a lawyer and leave the heavy lifting to them.

Now, we are talking about personal injury settlement and how you can negotiate this by yourself without a lawyer and here are some guidelines.

1. Be prepared


If you are going to negotiate a settlement for personal injury and you are going up against a lawyer (assuming the other side has one) then you might be at a slight disadvantage and you will have to be a bit more prepared.

This lawyer has probably settled more of these cases than you will ever and he/she has a pretty good idea of how to move forward. What you need to do is to read up as much as possible if you are going to see this through for your benefit, as much as possible.

2. Don’t work on emotions


Negotiating a settlement case prose will probably have you go into a room with another lawyer with a lot of emotions, which is normal. What you need to do, if you want to be successful, is shut off as much of those emotions as you can.

Be sure that the other side knows you are emotional and they will try to use that against you. They will almost do certain things on purpose to get you to derail yourself.

3. Be confident


What many attorneys in these cases do is try to make you feel uncomfortable and try to make you feel insecure. They will say things and they will do things to make you feel like you don’t have a case at all or that it isn’t as good as you thought so.

This will make you doubt and probably think that you can’t win and you will be inclined to take whatever they offer. If you are prepared and if you know that you have a solid case, don’t fall for this, just be confident in yourself.

In conclusion, these type of cases is good to take on prose if you have the right personality that can withstand these things we mentioned above, and if you can understand some of the basics of negotiation.

If you are emotional and tend to get persuaded into things then a smart thing would be to hire a professional to do this for you. This is only emphasized if you have a case of large money liability, then you really can afford to make mistakes and you need to have someone professional by your side, just like St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer.