10 Best Free Netflix Alternatives of 2024

Netflix rules the best video streaming category from years with unique content and unlimited updates. Netflix streams media on any device giving a great media experience to the user. But being a premium service, everyone could not afford it even in need of a rich media experience. But do not worry; you got the solution with other developers in the market. Let’s dive into the 10 best free Netflix alternatives of 2024 to never leave you bored in leisure.

Find the 10 best free Netflix alternatives of 2024!

If you are a fan of movies and TV shows, you are lucky to have best free movie APKs to unlimited streaming today. There are hundreds of Netflix alternatives in the market and we roundup the best 10 making your job easy. Find pros and cons of each to pick yours to the next movie time.

1. Crackle

Source: lifewire.com

Those are looking for original can stop by Crackle which is sponsored by Sony Pictures. It is a place for iconic hits and you have both premium and free access.  Without any subscriptions, you can be a part of the Crackle premium TV shows and movies. Also with Crackle free version you have compatibility across popular streaming devices with minimum ads.


  • Host quality content from Sony
  • Free mobile app support
  • A large collection of movies and TV shows
  • Access to stream movies across multiple streaming devices
  • Limited content in free account
  • No ads-free solution

3. ZiniTevi

Source: zinitevidownload.com

To watch movies and TV shows free or download to watch later, ZiniTevi is an amazing app you can have on many streaming devices. There is no hidden charge for ZiniTevi as it is a total free app to download and use. Without any special requirements, it is fully functional on any device. And thanks to regular updates it receives, you can find all the latest and trending movies and TV shows on the platform to enjoy the next level entertainment.


  • Completely free entertainment app
  • Receives regular updates to maintain a very fine functioning frame
  • Can get filtered searches very easily
  • Offers HD quality videos with minimum ads
  • Compatibility across a wide range of streaming devices

4. Tubi

Source: VitalThrills.com

Tubi is a legal streaming service that is free to use as a perfect Netflix alternative. It is a user-supporting platform that is not of too much ads. To get right to use thousands of trending movies and TV series, Tubi is a perfect option. It comes with amazing content for everyone through various genres and all are to assure quality entertainment in HD.


  • Compatible across wide range of streaming devices
  • Legal platform free to unlimited streaming
  • High quality entertainment in HD
  • Simple design with easy navigation
  • Minimum ads when using and no ad-free version available
  • Small library of content compared to some other options

3. MovieBox App

Source: tipsforapple.com

Another reliable Netflix alternative in the market is MovieBox App which is also totally free to use. This is guaranteed for a smooth streaming experience with all tastes of movies and TV shows. It is widely compatible across your streaming devices by bringing regular updates on the content. The installation is highly encouraged with easy manuals. So even for a starter, MovieBox is one of the great free Netflix Alternatives of 2024.


  • Totally free service with amazing features
  • Recommended for smoother streaming experience
  • Brings all sort of movies and TV shows
  • Nice interface with easy manuals
  • Regular updates to improve the entire workframe

4. PopcornFlix

Source: techtoolspc.com

PopcornFlix is working on multiple streaming devices offering high quality media experience at no cost. Just like other free movie streaming apps, PopcornFlix comes with ads. But if you want entertainment with no limitations, you can get it upgrades with a fair price. The simple interface and easy navigation makes it more reliable and makes a good Netflix alternative in the market.


  • Simple and supporting user interface
  • Regular updates on the content library
  • Rich content under a lot of genres to work for everyone
  • Feature geo-graphic restrictions and comes with ads
  • Reports some issues with content quality at sometimes

5. Kanopy

Source: westfordlibrary.org

If you are looking for high-quality educational content, Kanopy is a great Netflix alternative site to access free. It is a great place you to find serious and educational movies and TV shows. Hosting over 4,000 options, it offers the best for academics. To get access, you need to sign up providing your public library card or college login details. So you can either log as a student or a professor.


  • Totally free to access
  • Required sign up with your public library card or university/college login
  • Best for academics
  • Host exclusive content including classic movies that you will not easily find in other streaming services
  • Comes with no annoying ads
  • A limited number of streams per a month
  • Not for everyone for all genres

6. BeeTV

Source: twitgoo.com

BeeTV is another one-stop solution for your streaming needs being a highly compatible download for all devices. It is built in a very supporting work frame to response according to what you are looking for. And instead of hosting content inside it, it supports sites are hosting media content. Installing BeeTV is simple and totally free on any device.


  • Totally free app to streaming movies and TV shows
  • Supporting user interface
  • Wide coverage of device compatibility
  • Content in HD quality
  • Can download in the local storage to watch later

7. The CW Network

Source: groundedreason.com

If you are looking for a free Netflix alternative to get closer to your favorite shows, this CW Network is a great choice. It is free and best to meet old to latest shows for a high entertainment. Its subtitles works quite well and it is compatible across a wide range of devices. Since it is free, it comes with plenty of ads and some believe its video quality should have been better.


  • Free alternative site for Netflix
  • Best for your favorite TV shows in one place
  • Comes with too much of ads
  • Highly supporting subtitles
  • Wide compatibility across multiple streaming devices
  • Low video quality

8. HooQ

Source: insider.in

If you are a true fan of mainstream DC videos like Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, you should never miss the chance to get HooQ. This is a totally free site you will get rights as a super Netflix Alternative with more than 10,000 TV shows and movies from your favorite categories. For another useful feature, it also rents some movies for shorter period.


  • Amazing streaming site with friendly features
  • Comes with more than 10,000 movies and TV shows
  • Great for mainstream DC videos
  • Totally free site you can get access as a free Netflix alternative
  • Allow to rent movies for a shorter period

9. Vudu

Source: lifewire.com

Everything on Vudu is not free to access. But there is a dedicated free section to browse easy. Also, it comes with many TV shows and movies giving access to rent. So even if you cannot fit with free category, you can rent the ones you cannot totally buy. This comes with minimal ads and let you create custom playlists. Vudu is functional on your favorite device with no restrictions on your playtimes.


  • Comes with free and paid content
  • Minimum ads when playing but slightly interrupting
  • Access to rent content
  • Minimal ads while using (sometimes starts in interrupting ways)
  • You need a free Vudu account or an account in Walmart
  • High device compatibility

10. Pluto TV

Source: prnewswire.com

In the category of free movie streaming, Pluto TV holds a high place being an option comes offering live and on-demand movies and TV shows. It comes with a wide device compatibility also with support of apps cast to smart TV. And with more than 250 live TV channels, it offers unlimited broadcasting. Just search through on-demand movies and find what you need right now.


  • Host a large collection for everyone
  • Best free movie streaming and free TV streaming
  • Comes with offers live and on-demand TV shows/ movies
  • Contain ads (play in multiple times)
  • Need to sign into an account for customizing
  • Easy listings and browsing
  • Does not come with a search task

What is your favorite from the 10 best free Netflix alternatives of 2024? Let us know your thoughts!