Is An Outdoor Kitchen A Good Investment? – 2024 Guide

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You’ve probably considered investing a significant amount of money in an outdoor kitchen if you wish to increase your home’s overall attractiveness.

Typically, Pizza Oven Pros is a pretty popular choice if you want to entertain the idea of including a pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen.

But first, what factors should you even consider before going through this option?


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You should know that no renovation cost is cheap, so expect to use a lot of money to create change within your home.

Before jumping on building your dream outdoor kitchen, ask yourself if this plan is within your budget.

If you’re not aware of the average cost, maybe the Home Advisor’s data would give you an insight.

They have detailed that the average expenses in building outdoor kitchens are priced around $10,670 that could reach $50,000 because of the installation costs of water lines, electricity, and gas.

However, the costs would increase if you include the money you’ll spend on the building materials (such as stainless steel or weather-safe wood), storage, charcoal or gas grill, and outdoor refrigerator.


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Remember that your decision should be based on logical criteria, and even though climates aren’t that crucial in your judgment of other stuff. But when it comes to design, there’s no denying that the climate within your environment is a vital factor.

This is because it could affect the type of materials you’re going to use to build your outdoor kitchen. Hence, you might have to invest more money than expected just to obtain unique materials to guarantee that they’ll last longer and wouldn’t require too much maintenance.


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Given that you’ve already considered the other two factors, then this is the time you have to decide the kind of materials you’ll be using to make your dream a reality.

Frankly, we recommend inquiring about your contractor’s opinion since they have the expertise in handling these projects. Yet, if you have the confidence and substantial knowledge of this field, then you could opt to depend on what you’ve analyzed.

For instance, if you’ve noticed that the area of your supposedly outdoor kitchen has directly to heat, moisture, sun, or the cold, it might be a good idea to utilize weather-safe materials.

Why is this a good investment?

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Outdoor kitchens are an excellent option for investment simply because of the Return of Investment (ROI) that a homeowner could get by building one.

In general, various sources would give you different previous ROI results. Depending on where you’ll look, you might find a source that would indicate that the ROI could come around 100% or -200%. But others might even share that the current ROI for this investment could lead to 55%.

Of course, all investments come with their risks. Yet with outdoor kitchens, you’re actually holding the ace cards because you could affect the probable ROI based solely on the materials, its overall appearance, and even in the location where it was installed.

Meet any real estate agent and ask about outdoor kitchens. They will automatically say that those who built outdoor kitchens in areas with warmer climates, like in the southwest or the south itself, have displayed a higher ROI compared to those who had their outdoor kitchens placed in East Coast or Midwest states.

In summary, an outdoor kitchen is a good investment. But you should keep in mind that this may not always be the case if the factors we’ve detailed aren’t in your favor.

So be wise and study your environment. By then, you might receive a ton of ROI for your investments.