Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms & Treatment – 2024 Guide

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Erectile dysfunction means that when you have sexual intercourse with your partner or when you are having solo sex, you are unable to get or maintain a good erection to have sex.

Erection problems are problems getting or maintaining a strong enough erection. With every man it sometimes happens that the penis becomes less stiff or weakens earlier. However, it is confronting if this becomes a structural problem and satisfying sex is no longer possible.

More about erectile dysfunction

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Erection problems can develop in men. This can occur from the age of 40 and can increase with age. The erection then becomes less firm and can last less. This can lead to hindrance in sexual intercourse because penetration is no longer successful. Erectile dysfunction can cause friction in the relationship, please visit to get the solutions for erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is often accompanied by medical problems such as cardiovascular disease. The penis is called the antenna of the heart. Erection problems can be the first signs of heart disease. It is important to have this seriously investigated. Early treatment of these problems can prevent a heart attack in the short term.

Overweight, low testosterone or diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus) can also have a negative impact on erections. Erectile dysfunction can usually be well hoped for in these situations with tablets (PDE5 inhibitors).

Erection problems can also be situational. With situational erectile dysfunction, the degree of erection depends on the situation the man is in when he gets an erection. For example, the erection can be good with solo sex (masturbation), but not with a partner. We see this sometimes in a new relationship. Tension, the urge to perform or fear of failure can then play a role. A conversation with a sex therapist can help with this.

Erection problems can also occur at a young age. Then various causes can play a role. The nurse specialist or urologist will discuss a suitable treatment with you.


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With erectile dysfunction, the man notices that the erection is not complete. The penis is then no longer completely stiff, sometimes only semi-rigid or just some swelling. Often the duration of the erection is shorter than desired to have sex. With a physical cause of erectile dysfunction, the nighttime or morning erections are less or completely absent.


The cause of erectile dysfunction can be physical. This is often seen in cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes Mellitus and some neurological disorders. Then the morning erection often becomes less or is completely absent.

Some medicines have erectile dysfunction as a side effect, such as beta-blockers (medicines that regulate blood pressure and heart rate) or water tablets.

Erectile dysfunction can also develop after prostate surgery or radiation for prostate cancer. It can also develop after surgery or radiation to the rectum. Nerves are often damaged which ensures a good erection. Treatment is then certainly possible.

If erectile dysfunction starts at a young age, often in men who are sexually active for the first time, there may be a rush of blood from the penis on erection, causing the erection to come on but not be maintained. This has a physical cause that is unfortunately difficult to treat.

To research

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During the outpatient visit, your penis and scrotum will be examined. In addition, the specialized urologist or nurse specialist can make an ultrasound (duplex) of the penis. Hereby the blood flow of the penis is visualized.


Treatment of erection problems can be done in several ways:

Physical Erectile Dysfunction (Organic)

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With organic erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to use medication or aids for a long time to obtain a good erection. The first step is often to start with tablets (PDE5 inhibitors) such as the well-known Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.

If these no longer help, it is possible to use a vacuum pump, self-injection therapy or use urethra gel to induce an erection. The medication is available on prescription, but it is not reimbursed from the basic package of your health insurance. You can buy the vacuum pump from a medical specialist or via the internet.

Finally, it is possible to surgically implant an erection prosthesis. The specialized nurse specialist can inform you about this and discuss the options with you..

Situational Erectile Dysfunction

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In case of situational erectile dysfunction, support of PDE5 inhibitors can be useful in addition to discussions with a sex therapist. You can discuss the treatment options with the specialized nurse specialist during an outpatient consultation. She will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different treatments and make a choice together with you.