Erectile Dysfunction Causes & Effective Solutions – 2024 Guide

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What is erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) means that you cannot get or maintain an erection of the penis that is sufficient to have good sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is independent of the ability to ejaculate and has nothing to do with a man’s fertility. About 17 percent of men in the world from the age of 18 have occasional or regular problems with erectile dysfunction, to get a better solution please visit


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Impotence or erectile dysfunction can have physical causes, but can also be the result of a mental (psychological) cause. However, if the non-sexual morning erection is also missing, it is more likely that there is a physical cause. Furthermore, lifestyle factors can cause impotence.

Physical causes

There are many physical causes, but the most common is that the blood flow to the penis is not good. Other causes are:

  • overweight
  • high cholesterol
  • high blood pressure
  • diabetes mellitus
  • too low hormone levels
  • neurological problems
  • irradiation of the prostate
  • prostate surgery.

Mental Causes

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Sexual prejudices can cause erection problems, such as: the man must perform, the man must always feel like having sex, the man must always come.

If you are afraid that you have erectile dysfunction (the urge to perform), it may happen that the erection does not stop because of the tension. This produces a negative spiral, so that no erection occurs at all when sexual stimulation is present.

Annoying sexual experiences (abuse/assault), tension at work or a disturbed relationship with the partner (anger, communication problems).

Depression, anxiety, stress, sadness/mourning, nervousness, fear of failure, upbringing (sex is bad/dirty), negative self-image.

Lifestyle Factors

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In addition to physical and mental causes, lifestyle factors can also cause erectile dysfunction. These lifestyle factors are:

  • to smoke
  • drug use
  • stress
  • alcohol abuse.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction

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There are different types of treatments available for erectile dysfunction. Which treatment is suitable for you depends on the cause of your erectile dysfunction. Discuss this with your doctor.

When the cause is psychological, sexological or psychological treatment can help. However, medication is usually not the first choice. The first step is often therapy with a sex therapist. It is important to seek help. Erectile dysfunction is generally easy to solve. It’s a shame when these erectile dysfunctions cause problems in your relationship. If you and your partner want to use both of you to work on this, the erection problems can be treated well.

  • Individual treatment
  • Partner Relationship Therapy

Partner relationship therapy is most often used for erectile dysfunction. Your partner is closely involved in the therapy. It will work with you to change your sexual pattern. Those are working to break the cycle of fear and disappointment that often accompanies erectile dysfunction. This can be done, for example, by giving you exercises to do at home. In this way, you work towards a relaxed sexual relationship. Those are also working on improving your communication pattern. Partner therapy by a sexologist generally gives good results in erectile dysfunction.

The sexologist often plays a central role in the treatment. Medicines can also be effective in some cases. In consultation with your urologist, you can also opt for self-injection therapy. Here you inject medicines into the erectile tissue of your penis. The injected medicine causes the blood vessels to widen and the muscles to relax. This makes it possible to get an erection.