Prince Harry And Meghan’s Spokesperson Alleges “Racist” Royal Could Be In Line For The Throne

As Royal fans know, Princess Meghan has been a vocal supporter of immigration and diversity. In fact, she’s been such a champion of the cause that her spokesperson has recently branded her as “the most racist member of the royal family”.

Prince Harry went to Munich, Germany this week to begin his first official tour as a member of the British royal family. The 32 year old prince’s first stop was to attend the International Peace Conference, where he met with a group of international leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Now, a “spokesperson” for the prince has taken to Twitter to claim that the royal was allegedly mistreated by security guards at the event. The spokesperson has since deleted the tweet, but not before it had been picked up by several news outlets.

Prince Harry’s new girlfriend, American actress Meghan Markle, has been described as “Equal parts Oprah Winfrey and Serena Williams”, and in the past has spoken out about her family’s history of racial discrimination. She has also been the spokesperson for the Royal Foundation, a charity which works on issues of social inequality. Her mother, however, recently accused the royal family of racism.. Read more about breaking news: harry and meghan today and let us know what you think.British Royal Family NewsWhen Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s story aired on Oprah Winfrey, the couple made many accusations against the royal family, but what struck the world the most was the accusation of racism within the inner circle of the royal family. According to the couple, an unnamed member of the royal family made racist remarks about their then unborn son Archie. word-image-12131 The accusation likely touched the heart of the royal family, so much so that Prince William broke the royal family’s cardinal rule of never making negative comments directly to the press when he said that the royal family was not a racist family at all. Omid Scobie, a journalist friend of mine from Sussex, claims that several members of the royal family were involved in the racist remarks against Archie. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently opened up about the fact that many members of the royal family expressed concerns about their son’s skin color before he was born. They stated that the family had been unsympathetic when they had raised concerns about such comments. The new allegations against Harry and Meghan’s family come from Omid Scobie, a journalist friend of the couple who spoke at the Foreign Press Association in London on Friday, and other journalists in attendance, according to a Daily Mail report. These latest statements are meant to justify what Harry and Meghan said in their pre-recorded interview with Oprah, which took place on the 7th. The month of March has been released. The couple reportedly pointed to an unnamed family member who perversely asked about Archie’s skin color because Megan is biracial. One conversation had a big impact on her, when a member of the royal family expressed concern about Archie’s skin color, said Scobie, author of In Search of Freedom, which puts Harry and Meghan’s controversial exodus in a softer light. For Harry, I can see it as a conversation, for Meghan, who would have been involved in later conversations, I can see it – because there were other people who knew about this conversation in the family and in the institution who also talked about it, some not so favorably, Scobie continued. Other journalists often mocked him because he was close to the couple and was their spokesman. And then you get into a situation where you start to think that it’s not just about that person, it’s about others, and then it becomes a much bigger problem, Scobie continued.

Scobie questions royal officials’ stance on racism

Scobie acknowledged that he could not confirm the identity of the royal racist or even the racist, but he said the identity could have sparked public interest if the perpetrator was a future head of state – that is, Prince Charles or Prince William. Among the royals not suspected of making racist remarks are Queen Elizabeth II and her late husband, Prince Philip, according to Prince Harry. At the time, it was usually thought to be an important member of the royal family, the future head of state, Scobie said. If that person is the head of state, then we as a society have a right to know that, because it is obviously someone who is our head of state, the head of the Commonwealth. And if they have a racial problem, we need to know about it. Scobie went on to say that the Queen’s statement on the rumoured accusation of racism, in which she said some memories may have been different, was not enough. News from the Royal Family: The Queen, Camilla Parker-Bowles and Kate Middleton meet with anniversary organizers #RoyalFamily #Katemiddleton – SOS/CTS/HH (@SoapOperaSpy) 19. June 2024 Ms Scobie stated that she had skilfully evaded this charge by not denying racism in any way. Even though William said: We are not a racist family, they have not condemned racism in any form, Scobie said. You never see the royal family do that. This of course continues the discussion about the degree of anti-racism of the royal family, the degree of ownership of history by the royal institution, and the unconscious biases that may exist within the institution or the family. None of these things ever seem to be taken into account. This latest comment is likely to provoke its own controversy, and comes just two weeks before Harry returns to his homeland, where the 1. A statue of his late mother will be unveiled in July. Keep up to date with all things royal by checking Celebrating The Soaps daily for more information on the royal family, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.It’s been nearly three months since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex wed, and the public is getting to know Meghan Markle’s husband Prince Harry in a way they never have before. And that includes the murky world of palace politics. The media plays a major role in what we know of Harry, but the back-story of how stories are made and the palace’s spin doctors are often missed by the public.. Read more about prince harry and meghan latest news and let us know what you think.

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