How To Check A Motorcycle’s VIN In 3 Easy Steps


Even experienced motorcycle riders sometimes face the problem of discovering the VIN on their motorcycle. This most often happens in a few cases. For example, if a motorcycle is bought abroad, or often when you buy a used one – and then you need to find the number on the motorcycle to check it when you buy it. Therefore, here are tips on how to check a motorcycle’s VIN in 3 easy steps.

What is VIN and what does it serve for?


VIN is a number that identifies every vehicle, and also motorcycles. It is a unique number that serves for quick and easy vehicle identification and can tell us a lot about it. First of all, we can find information on mileage, possible accidents, or damage on the motorcycle. However, we can also see whether a search was declared for the vehicle or not. Just like with cars, we use VIN in the same way with motorcycles. Certainly, nowadays we have to be careful because it happens that VINs are duplicated or re-typed. This happens when you are dealing with someone who wants to deceive you, hiding the true identity of the vehicle. Therefore, caution and thorough inspection of the motorcycle before buying it is advised. We will draw your attention to 3 simple steps on how you can do this.

How to check VIN on your motorcycle?


You can do the check-up of the VIN on your motorcycle in a few simple steps.

Vehicle documentation overview

The first and easiest way to find out the engine number of your car is to look at the documents. The vehicle registration certificate must be indicated. If there is no vehicle registration certificate, see the vehicle passport. The VIN mark must also be stated in the motorcycle documents.

VIN verification via the internet

Fortunately, today the verification of the VIN plate is much easier for us by using online internet tools. Today, you can easily get a VIN report if you type your VIN for verification on reliable websites. Such sites offer you complex reports, generate data from government institutions, non-profit organizations, business partners, public data, and information – along with public sources available via the Internet. However, it is important to remember that such systems should only be treated as a tool to help. The final motorcycle history report should always be checked and compared with the actual vehicle conditions and the content of the vehicle documentation.

Check the VIN by inspecting the vehicle


If you can’t find the VIN in the registration certificate or the vehicle passport, you should look for the VIN plate on the motorcycle itself. This label consists of letters and numbers (17 in total). The mark itself is most often located on the right side of the head tube on most motorcycles. However, that is not the rule. Different manufacturers put the label in different places – so you need to take a good look. If the plate did not appear in the usual place, it is necessary to find the manual that came with the motorcycle. If you bought a used motorcycle without instructions – then the necessary documents will not be difficult to find on the Internet.

The bottom line

Many bike riders face the problem of finding a VIN after or during the purchase of a new motorcycle. Some drivers did not even ask such a question, as they saw that number in the datasheet. But sooner or later, you will have to find the VIN during the annual registration and show it to the inspector. If you can’t find the VIN on your motorcycle yourself, don’t be discouraged. Use some of our tips to find the right option and find out all the necessary information about your motorcycle.