6 Things You Need to Know before Visiting Aruba in 2024

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The year 2024 is the perfect time for a long-due, super-vacationing spree! We’ve all been confined to our four walls for way too long, and it’s time to get a bit wild. If you’re all about that tropical lifestyle, sandy beaches, warm nights next to the sea, and a fair share of partying, Aruba is calling out for you! By the way Radisson Hotels Americas has launched a Friends & Family Sale valid for stays through February 8, 2024. According to hedonismonline.com Aruba is in the list of Participating countries.

While the traveling restrictions and COVID19 curfews are still a bit of a problem, with enough research and careful planning, you’ll undoubtedly get the vacation you deserve.

So without any further ado, let’s talk about summer in Aruba!

1. Traveling requirements

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As you probably already suspect, Aruba has some COVID19 prevention measures you’ll need to adhere to while traveling. However, since they’re such a huge touristic destination, they’re constantly working on improving the overall safety of their visitors, especially when it comes to travel restrictions. You’ll need to get a valid COVID19 test (no older than 72hr), complete their online embarkation card process, and get mandatory health insurance in the event of contracting the virus during your stay in Aruba.

While it does take some additional steps to get to Aruba, they’re nothing you can’t complete in a matter of days. We suggest you seek additional assistance from official sources, as these rules tend to change depending on the current COVID situation in the country, or else visit Aruba’s official government websites before your departure. Besides that, make sure to take note of the current measures in your own country or state, just to be sure everything’s in order before you book your plane ticket.

2. Safety measures in the country

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Of course, due to the global pandemic, you’ll need to learn about and respect special prevention measures during your stay. Luckily, these aren’t extremely uptight, so they’ll barely affect your vacation at all! You’ll be able to enjoy your stay with barely any limitations on the fun that awaits you.

Still, it’s important to prepare in advance so you can plan the trip properly. Again, these measures change on the weekly basis, so it’s important to keep yourself updated at all times. Aruba officials recommend that you download their health app that can help you stay aware of any changes in their public health protection protocols. We’re certain that the measures will become even less restrictive as the touristic season approaches, so make sure you keep an eye on it all.

3. Aruba is a perfect place for remote workers

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If you’ve been working from your home office, then you know how boring and monotone it all gets after a while. Luckily for you, thanks to Aruba’s special extended-stay remote working program, you’ll be able to bring your work to a tropical paradise this year!

As soon as you’re done with your daily workload, you’ll be able to enjoy the impeccable nature of the Island and refresh your mind and soul until the work hours roll in.

We all know how our workplaces haven’t gone easy on us during this entire crisis, as the economy was near a total collapse everywhere around the world. Your workload didn’t get any smaller, and everyone’s been anxious over potential downsizings at their companies. So, if you need a rest while still being able to adhere to your responsibilities, we can’t recommend this program enough!

4. Your best option is renting a car while you’re there

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One of the most wonderful aspects of vacationing in Aruba is the wide range of things to do during your stay. Exploring the beauty of the island is a never-ending feat you’ll enjoy immensely. The best way to go about it has to be by considering renting a car during your vacation. It will allow you to go about your exploration at your own pace, without having to worry about taxi or public transport fees. Besides, all the beaches, caves, and secluded areas where you’ll find the most peace and quiet are usually at a remote site that will need some time to get to.

Again, you can always benefit from organized trips and touristic tours, but they’ll limit your mobility quite a bit. So, do some research on the cheapest, best quality car rentals online, and book your vehicle in advance. It’s going to save you from many headaches and “rushed” trips along the way.

5. Talk to a travel advisor and make the best of your vacation

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If it’s your first time visiting Aruba, organizing the trip by yourself can be quite difficult. As we’ve mentioned before, there’s a variety of things to do and see while you’re there, and it’s difficult to make an efficient plant without knowing enough about the country itself!

That’s why we recommend talking to a traveling advisor such as those found at www.VacationAruba.com, who can help you book a perfect vacation in no time whatsoever! All you need to do is to pack your bags, get on the plane and enjoy your stay.

Besides that, these traveling agencies have resources and deals that allow them to plan your vacation at lower prices, saving you money and time along the way.

6. You don’t have to change your US dollars into florins

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US dollars are accepted in most places throughout the island. Most ATMs also offer the possibility of withdrawing in the USD currency, so there’s no reason to change them into florins during your stay.

Still, there are some exceptions to this rule, so make sure you change at least a small amount of your currency for the best possible shopping experience.

The bottom line

Aruba is a perfect place to visit during your next vacation this summer. It’s a small paradise with its magnificent nature, interesting culture, and many wonderful tourist attractions. You’ll never get bored of it, so we suggest you book your vacation as soon as you can!

Be careful to do some research on potential COVID19 protocols and restrictions, and plan your trip, to get the best of it. Lastly, no matter what you do, we’re certain you’ll enjoy your stay at this incredible, secluded piece of paradise!