Should You Repair Your Roof or Replace It


The roof is the major decor of the house and needs to be repaired along with time. If it’s a few dates away from the date of its expiration you should get the damage repaired quickly to save it from more damage or likely get a new rooftop done as quickly as possible. Repairing is essential as if you don’t plan to get it repaired when it is most needed, then it can save you for a short period of time but that can cause you a lot of cost in the long run.

So prevention is better for the house and regular maintenance of the roof can prevent the roof from certain damages. Now the most important question arises should you repair the roof or replace it? I will explain both the keywords separately so that you can plan accordingly what is important and most needed by your roof.

Repairing the roof


Repairing means slight variation and changes in the thing the way they were before. Repairing can be useful for the following reasons:

  1. When your rooftop has just begun leakage of rain water or damages.
  2. When the percentage of damage is less and can be easily covered by repairing and not replacement.
  3. When you don’t have to invest much in it because the cause is less so the cost can also be less.

Replacing the roof

Replacing the entire roof top can be more beneficial than repairing in the following ways.

  1. Replacing the entire rooftop increases the lifetime of the rooftop.
  2. You don’t need to worry constantly checking on your roof after some time for damage again.
  3. It lasts more than the repairing technique and can be reliable because it completely eliminates the chances of careless and small errors.

Replacement uses Shingles


Shingles are basically the bricks kept and aligned on the rooftop. When you need to restore the beauty of your roof you simply need repairing and not a replacement but when the roof is completely damaged you need replacement of the roof. You can use Shingles to cover your rooftop and decorate it with repairing the damage. Shingles can make your Rooftop look good when viewed from outside. Visit if you are looking for a new look or improvement of the roof.

However, shingles are located in the inconspicuous area which is a relatively small area and when they are old and damaged you only need to down some of the shingles which is cost-efficient. Shingles also protect your roof from moisture and wind damage. It also protects the house from entering the water by a small underlayment deck which seeps water into it from small pores and protects from eventual leakage.

Patching Damaged Area

Now comes the repairing method where you don’t want the complete replacement of the roof and some small repairing can do the work and make the roof look good and last years. In this method, the existing shingles are replaced by new ones instead of tearing the old rooftop which helps in saving time and money. Our team sends a roofing expert who will examine the rooftop from both inside and outside and will work on the serious issues accordingly.

Curling at the edges of shingles is some of the serious signs of problems outside of the roof. Then you just don’t wait for repairing of the rooftop and go for replacement of the entire rooftop completely. And if it is possible to patch your rooftop then in that case you need a few shingles to make it more difficult to repair the existing roof.

Roofing above the existing Roof


When your current roofing does not help in saving from the wind and water leakage you plan to do double roofing. Because tearing off the current roofing to install the new one can take more time and comes with greater expenses. The right job for you now is to minimize future expenses with more protection on the roof. So the two layers of roofing are the best decision for you.

And most people nowadays are going for this method which helps them live carefree for years because now their house is protected by two layers of roofing.

However, this method seemingly requires less cost involvement but does not have much life because you didn’t cure the damage but instead you cover it underneath so most of the company don’t rely on and don’t suggest going for this method. And when you tear the roof then you can find the problem underneath of it that was the problem with the old rooftop.

And if you place shingles over the other shingles it voids the manufacturer’s warranty and if the problem arises in the existing rooftop then the cost cover under the warranty of the manufacturer for repair and replacement cannot be demanded.

Replacing the Roof

Replacing the roof can involve certain points on why it can be beneficial. A few of them are listed below:

  1. The age of the roof is over five years and it starts leaking.
  2. Due to some recent disaster occurring in your neighborhood such as tornado or hurricane damage.
  3. There is a sign of moisture and water damage over the ceiling or paint or mold beneath the roof.
  4. Materials that were used in roofing before are more years old for example a 50-year-old rooftop for more than a decade is still there. Generally, the shingles that now are used last almost fifty years with proper care.


When you find it is needed for replacement of the rooftop consider the roofing expert. When you plan on investing in roofing choose the quality product and don’t go for a cheap pricing-based company as for surgery we don’t go for a ‘discount surgeon’ same with roofing. For your roof and expert installation should be taken care of so that your house can be protected for the rest of the long haul.