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Patti McLeod, aka Patti Steele, is an actress best known as the wife of Gavin McLeod, who was an American actor, Christian activist and writer. The actor died at the age of 90 on the 29th. May 2024, early Saturday morning at his home in Palm Desert, California. The cause of death has not been disclosed. However, Mark C., Gavin’s cousin, says the TV veteran has been in the hospital for the past three months due to illness. Following the news of Gavin McLeod’s passing, condolences for the legendary 70s and 80s actor began pouring in online, with fans offering their condolences to his friends and family. Actress Maureen McCormick wrote: Rest in peace, my good friend Gavin McLeod. Thank you for all the beautiful and special heartfelt conversations about life.


I will always cherish the time I had the chance to spend with you. I love you #GavinMacLeod. Actress and writer Nancy Sinatra tweeted: Gavin McLeod will always be a member of our family and the best neighbor we could have. Our hearts hurt, we will miss him terribly and we will always love him. Good luck, dear friend. One user tweeted: When I was a kid in the 70s and 80s, I would often watch LOVE BOAT on Saturday nights with my mom, dad, brother and sister. So it was with unexpected sadness that I learned that Gavin McLeod had flown to the paradise of Puerto Vallarta! Thanks for all the memories, Captain Stubing – here and at WJM-TV! #(RIP). Patti McLeod is an actress and writer. She starred in Wonder Woman (1975), The Love Boat (1977) and A Change in Time (2002). Patti, her late husband Gavin and Marie Chapian published the book on the 1st. April 1987. The amazon website says about the book: The popular actor and his wife share how the pressures of Hollywood life contributed to the breakdown of their marriage and how a strong foundation of faith in God and each other brought them together.

How old is Patty McLeod?

Patti McLeod was born on 15. February 1931 in Washington, DC, USA and is 90 years old. We have no information about his parents, no school records. However, we will keep you informed as soon as possible.

Who is Patti McLeod’s husband?


Patti McLeod was at 22. February 1974, married to Gavin McLeod. Gavin was an American actor, Christian activist and writer. Gavin was best known for his role as Murray Slaughter in TMTS and rose to fame in The Love Boat, where he played the hilarious Captain Stubing for ten years and featured in 250 episodes. He also starred in such popular series as Hogan’s Heroes, Hawaii Five-O, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Andy Griffith Show, Peter Gunn, Thief Wanted, Touched by an Angel, Murder, She Wrote, Big Valley, Charlie’s Angels, The 70s Show and many others. The couple married on the 8th. In December 1982, she went through a more difficult divorce than her first marriage. Patti told People in 1978: Gavin was an alcoholic, adding: He became a different person when he drank. But before the wedding, he said: I will never drink again because I don’t want to lose what we have. But it was later revealed that the divorce was not only due to alcohol, but also due to McLeod’s busy schedule, which led to the divorce in 1981.


Gavin spoke about their divorce in 1981 in an interview with Fox News, in which he said: I put my work before his. The Love Boat has become such a great work. I advertised it everywhere. I was traveling all over the world and I felt, this may sound selfish, but I felt I didn’t have time for her anymore. After their breakup, Patti sought help from psychiatrists for 3 years, devoted her life to Jesus Christ and prayed for a return to Gavin. A beautiful morning on the 15th. In September 1984, after three years of separation, Gavin called her. When she took his call, Gavin asked her if they could be friends, to which she replied: That’s all I ever wanted. and the duo got married on the 30th. Again in June 1985. The couple has four children together, Stephanie Steele, Jen Steele, Andy Steele and Tommy Steele. It was 28 before. Married Harry Thomas Steele in April 1951, they divorced in 1967 and have 3 children from a previous relationship. Gavin was previously married to Joan Rutwick in 1954 and divorced in 1972.

What is Patti McLeod’s net worth?

Patti McLeod’s estimated net worth is between $1 million and $1.5 million.

Unknown facts

  • Full name: Patty Steele.
  • ANNUAL REPORT: 15. February 1931
  • Born: Washington, DC, USA
  • Guy: 90 years old.
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Wife of the late Gavin McLeod
  • Baby: Stephanie Steele, Jan Steele, Andy Steele and Tommy Steele.
  • Father: Unknown
  • Mother: Unknown

Patti Macleod is a former actress and singer, who is best known for her work on the daytime serials for As the World Turns and Another World, and also her role in the film Pumpkinhead. After her acting career ended, she began working as a businessperson and opened two restaurants.