10 Ideas For Curating Your Own Treasure Trove Of Art, Antiques And Collectables

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When you’ve been an avid art collector for decades, and amassed an incredible collection of art, antiques and collectibles, you start to really appreciate the need to take care of your treasures. From keeping your paintings clean and dust-free to protecting your furniture from wear and tear, there’s a lot to consider. But it doesn’t have to be a chore. As part of tutv’s Home and Style section, we’ve rounded up some of the most innovative ways to keep your home looking its best without breaking the bank.  We’ve also enlisted the help of interior designers to share their favorite tips and tricks for making your home truly feel like a home.

We all have them, those things we treasure. They may not look like much to anyone else, but to you they are priceless. Your favorite mug, the childhood toy you sleep with, your father’s watch. Maybe it’s a scrap of fabric that reminds you of a special vacation, a family heirloom or a childhood memory of a relative. The value of these items isn’t in their monetary worth, but in the meaning they hold for you. This is the meaning behind the idea of curating your own treasure trove.

It’s the dream of many a collector: to have a house with walls covered in art, the shelves stacked with priceless antiques, and the cabinets stuffed with valuable curiosities. It’s a dream that, while it might still be a way off for some, is within the grasp of many a collector. The best way to start building your own collection is to find the things that interest you the most. Read more about high-end antiques online and let us know what you think. The love of art, antiques and collectibles can be a lifelong passion and can take you to the most unexpected places in search of a unique and treasured piece for your collection. Or maybe you like to find a good deal and sell it, or use your eagle eye to find treasures for others. Either way, this vast world of coveted items – from watches and jewelry to classic cars and automobiles, vintage posters to sculptures, art to fashion and everything in between – is your oyster. Here are some pointers, whether you jump in or dive in headfirst.

BQ Clock

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Are you guilty of keeping designer watches you once loved, but no longer wear? Don’t let your hidden treasures gather dust – turn them into cash with BQ Watches. With over 30 years of experience in the watch, retail and jewellery industry, BQ Watches strives to include the world’s best luxury watches in its range. The most popular Rolex models, such as Datejust, Date, Day-Date, Submariner, GMT-Master, Explorer, Milgauss, Daytona and Yacht-Master, are very popular. Although BQ Watches specializes in pre-owned Rolex watches, they also offer Breitling, Cartier, Hublot, Omega and other top brands. BQ Watches not only buys watches, but also offers a range of additional services, such as repair, maintenance, restoration and replacement of dials. The team of specialists also supplies and installs diamond dials and bezels at very competitive prices.

Silverstone auction

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Automotive Auctions is a brand new online auction platform developed by Silverstone Auctions Group, the UK’s leading classic car auction house. The platform offers seven-day auction cycles that allow you to effectively sell items without paying sales commissions. The team of experts at Automotive Auctions has knowledge and experience in the world of classic and modern vehicles and can therefore provide services for all types of vehicles – classic cars, supercars, modern cars, race cars, hybrid and electric cars, motorcycles, motorhomes and automobilia and license plates. This platform is an additional route to market for a group that is already very successful in the world of traditional auctions. Over the years the company has been chosen by a number of official UK owner’s clubs to organise brand-specific sales, including the Ferrari Owners Club UK, the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club GB and the Porsche Club GB.

Packaging and shipping

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For almost 30 years, PACK & SEND has offered much more than just postal services. It is the largest network of packaging and shipping specialists in the UK. They are highly experienced in safely transporting virtually any cargo to any corner of the world. Their unique range of secure packaging options makes them particularly effective for transporting fragile and valuable goods, including art, sculpture, glass and ceramics, antiques and collectibles, personal computers, peripherals and data storage kits. They can also carry medical and laboratory equipment, vehicle parts and engineering equipment – or anything else that could be damaged in transit. They understand the concerns of buyers and sellers when it comes to shipping unique and valuable items, and are so confident in the safety of their shipping services that they offer a warranty against loss and damage for everything they package, regardless of value.

Chiswick auction

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Auctions Chiswick is an auction house in West London that offers its customers a simple and friendly approach to buying and selling. They offer free and confidential appraisals of antiques, paintings, jewelry, books, luxury accessories and more. Chiswick Auctions’ monthly auction is best known for its auction of design and home furnishings, covering all lifestyle categories. It has become an unmissable event for London furniture lovers and collectors. Chiswick Auctions’ specialist auctions are run by a world-class team of experts with a reputation for excellent results. Categories such as art, city and world art, rare books, fine wines and designer bags go under the hammer. Recent highlights include a 10.5-carat Burmese ruby that exceeded the pre-sale estimate of £462,500 and an early 19th-century sketch by landscape painter John Constable. Century entitled Riverscape, which sold for £87,500.

Pullman numbers

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Pullman Editions designs, commissions and publishes eye-catching original posters that reflect the enduring appeal of Art Deco. The newly designed posters showcase glamorous destinations around the world, ski resorts in the French and Swiss Alps, and the world’s greatest historic cars on the roads and tracks. The editions are designed by leading artists, each with their own style. They combine originality with the typical heritage and dramatic images of vintage posters. The posters are produced in a strictly limited edition of 280 copies and are printed with traditional techniques on high-quality 100% cotton fine art paper. They are signed, hand numbered and have our seal of authenticity. Each poster measures approximately 97 x 65 cm and is delivered unframed in a sturdy tube that can be shipped worldwide. Pullman Editions also offers a framing service for personal buyers at its London gallery.

Art institute

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The Art Institute’s online art appreciation course is a comprehensive and flexible art history course taught in a supportive learning environment. This course will help students think critically and become proficient in the arts. The emphasis is on developing a depth of knowledge and broadening students’ horizons so that they can enjoy the arts with confidence, either as a hobby or in support of specific career opportunities. Course organiser Hilary Kaye, known for her appearances on the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow, has brought together 12 fantastic authors to present a fascinating course that students can study at home, at their leisure. Students may enroll on any day of the year. Upon registration, students are assigned a supervisor who will guide them through each module of the course and provide constructive feedback on all work submitted. Enjoy 24/7 support for all levels.

Alfies antiques

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Discover a treasure trove of art deco collectibles, silverware, furniture, jewelry, paintings, glass and vintage clothing. Whether it’s a Clarice Cliff tea set, an Alvar Aalto chair or a Victorian ring, Alfie’s Antiques Market is a truly exceptional place to find beautiful and unusual items, as well as a special section for Middle Eastern antiques. Enjoy the bohemian atmosphere, meet the shopkeepers and visit the elegant rooftop café. For over 40 years, Alfie’s Antiques Market has attracted new and serious collectors, interior designers and fashion designers, as well as many celebrities, with its extensive and varied collection of art, antiques, jewelry and fashion. Today, people from all over the world still come here to experience bohemian chic and find unique and authentic treasures on four floors. Alfies prides itself on being the largest and oldest arcade of its kind in the country.

Bowman’s sculpture

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Photo for image Bowman Robert Bowman, appointed sculptor by the British government, opened Bowman Sculpture in 1993 with his wife Michelle. He developed his knowledge of sculpture for 15 years at Sotheby’s, where he was director of European art. Bowman Sculpture, one of the few family-run art galleries in London, is now run by Mr Bowman and his daughter Mica, who joined the gallery as director last year. Robert has a worldwide reputation for supplying important sculptures by some of the world’s most respected artists. His unique perspective has earned him the trust of many clients and institutions, including the Rodin Museum, the Musée d’Orsay and the Victoria and Albert Museum. The works that define the artist have always been the focus of Bowman Sculpture, the world’s first sculpture gallery dedicated to Auguste Rodin, featuring sculptures from 1830 to the present.

Grace antiques

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Grays has one of the largest and most varied collections of antiques, jewelry, watches and collectibles in the world. Located seconds from Bond Street and Oxford Street, Grace is the centre of London’s antiques trade and home to some of the best dealers. Grays offers plenty of action, similar to visiting an international trade show, but with a hefty dose of London history. Close to Sotheby’s, Phillips, Asprey, the Royal Academy and many other institutions that make London the undisputed epicenter of the art and antiques trade, Grace offers dealers the opportunity to work indoors without incurring exorbitant overheads. When Benny Gray established the market in 1964, it became the first permanent indoor antiques market in Britain. This concept, which was an amazing development at the time, is now being copied all over the world.


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Good wine is expensive. But if it is not stored properly, its potential may not be fully realized. Octavian is known in the world of fine wine for its impeccable storage conditions and uncompromising commitment to exceptional care. It is the choice of connoisseurs and collectors who want to maximize the value and enjoyment of their collections. Over the past 30 years, Octavian has consistently invested in creating world-class storage conditions in his Corsham cellars, which lie some 100 metres below the Wiltshire hills and are surrounded by the Bath stone. The ideal temperature is constant, humidity is optimally controlled, there is no daylight, no vibrations and air quality is maintained at all times. The wines are grown in the exact conditions necessary to reach their full potential. You are protected against both physical damage and financial threats with comprehensive insurance that protects them at their current value.