How Long Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Last?


Inflatable hot tubs! This is the latest trend for sure and it has a lot of buzz associated with it! This is slowly getting popular in the US, UK, and Australia among people who have villas in the suburbs and can’t install a swimming pool. They’re relying on these to beat the upcoming heat. They’re trending now as portable spas and they are quite the cozy thing to get in households now. It gives a great image of a home spa after a tiring day from work, where you can kick back and relax.

Why they’re being quite sought after is because they’re wholly portable and are delivered in a small, portable box too. This is quite the stark contrast from the huge, complicated setups that are given for jacuzzis. The inflatable has a quick set-up procedure, air blower to inflate the tub and you can fill it with water to enjoy the benefits. There is even a packing bag for you to deflate it and carry it with you wherever you want.

The next step after inflating and filling it is, plugging it into an electric outlet and heating the water after covering it. Voila, you get the perfect spa in your backyard or home! You can see your options here in jacuzzi-opblaasbaar.nll

If you’re worried about the heat and electricity, you don’t have to be. This is built to be steady and durable with an I-beam architecture that gives the walls rigidity. There is reinforced vinyl material used which is durable against scratches and punctures. It comes with a manual that gives easy instructions to operate. Along with the hot tub, we get a self-contained pump, filter, heater and blower with good controls and lights. There is also a lock-out feature to prevent mishaps. Initially, you also get test strips and a floating chlorinator to maintain hygiene. A few basic dos and don’ts are not to put pressure on the inflated walls and the set-up should be dry before packing to avoid spoilage.

How long would it last?


The factors that determine the longevity of an inflatable hot tub are:

1. Depth

First of all, it isn’t very deep and has only 22- 24 feet depth. Very deep inflatable pools tend to last less, but nowadays there is good durable material used like tensile vinyl that allows good elasticity. While sometimes four people enjoying it is picturized, there is not enough leg space and it might not be comfortable for some users. However, many companies have now bypassed that problem by using stronger design.

2. Installation Criteria

This also must be installed at a ground level and not anywhere as mentioned in the description. It won’t be stable in balconies, rooftops or different floors as the weight with water and people become more than 3000 lbs and is risky. This is a very important factor as installing the pool at heights puts more pressure on the material and subject it to wear and tear.

3. Heating Efficiency


The whole setup is slow to heat as the wiring is done very lightly. The pool is inflatable and has to be portable, so the wiring and the heater is not heavy duty. You can hasten the heating by covering it, but it’ll still be slow. A pro tip people have shared is to fill it with hot water and allow extra heating; this maintains the temperature for a long time. However, the fact remains that the wiring and heater can be overloaded if used too many times and can break it down. Hence, minimal usage can be practiced here to make it more long lasting.

4. Filter Clogging

Another reason for it not lasting long is the buildup of dirt on the walls. Many people getting into a hot water tub means more dirt and germs from their bodies swirling in that warmth. The spa filters are undersized, so clearing more than two people’s dirt can cause a lot of problems in the filtration capacity. A massive key point is to periodically clean the filters to ensure that the hot tub can be used more.

5. Electricity Consumption

As the setup is not energy efficient, this costs a lot of electricity. It gets costly to operate this setup and after many uses, you’ll see it requires more electricity than ever and gives less heating. In cold temperatures, it stops working altogether. This is just attributed to the thin circuits in the inflatable. To make it portable, generally, ineffective wiring is done and non- heavy duty equipment is used to provide heating effects. However, some good brands use effective wiring and have shifted to using heating pads which deliver energy effectively to ensure proper heating.

So inflatable hot tubs: in or out?


While inflatable hot tubs are thought to not last long, a few precautions can be taken to increase its durability. We can make sure the life of the inflatable pool can be extended with a few steps. Limited use can preserve your hot tub longer. Using pre-heated water from a utility sink or some other source to fill it up lessens the burden of the heating system of the hot tub. All these tiny steps taken can extend the shelf life of your hot tub for sure. This way can alleviate the breakdown of your inflatable jacuzzi by a few more weeks.

So, getting caught up in the trend does seem attractive, but an average inflatable hot tub can last you 3 years or may even extend up to another year with careful usage. If you invest in a better hot tub with good warranty and service, you can get the most out of your inflatable hot tub. So, conducting prior research is a must, and investing nicely in a certified inflatable hot tub may get you value for money. Be sure to check the reviews and ratings of a brand before making a purchase.


The concept of portable, inflatable hot tubs are very attractive. People who cannot get a whole pool or Ottawa hot tubs installed due to space scarcity can get the same experience by buying an inflatable, portable hot tub. This is quite an economical option to consider too.

After all, who wouldn’t want to sit back in a hot pool of water after a long day at work and relax, all in the comfort of your backyard?