How To Choose The Right Type Of Wood For A Tabletop


Tables remain excessively in use. You put anything you want on them. Therefore, if you have to use it that wildly, it is better to pay attention to the material. Wooden tables are not always waterproof, so you cannot make them wet for a longer time. If you place your flower pots on top of a wooden table that is not waterproof, it will get damaged.

Likewise, every table has its specific requirements and the type of wood is determined through the type of use. If it is a dining table, its wood should not only be waterproof but also tough enough to bear the load of several dishes. Thus, several factors determine the selection of wood type. is the house of tables. They have plenty of material options and you can also choose your color. You can also get your customized design with the color of your choice. Furthermore, whether you want to get home delivery or go to their store, they provide both options. You can go to and order one for your place.

So how will you select the right type of wood? It might seem like a tough decision to make after having so many options in the market. But here are some guidelines to help you out.

For what place do you need?


The first and the most important question that you need to ask yourself is for what place do you need the table. Whether you want it for the dining room of your home or a separate one for kids. Or you want a decent one for formal gatherings. The wood type varies with the design and requirements of your dining room.

For example, if you have a formal dining area for special guests, you would like to have a decent design. Therefore, you can opt for cherry wood. It darkens over time and offers a warm hue. Furthermore, cherry wood looks quite good with some stains. Thus, it won’t require a tablecloth, as it will only hide the natural beauty of the wood.

Likewise, if you have a contemporary and modern dining room, you should go with walnut wood. You get a range of color options that goes from creamy white to a dark chocolate color. Furthermore, it looks quite decent as the central piece of your dining room. As you will get a range of color options, you can get the right type of furniture to match it.

Furthermore, it offers 1010 Janka hardness. Thus, you can enjoy heavy use without worrying about its breakage. Place as many dishes on it and enjoy having a family dinner.

And if you want a Rustic Farmhouse look, you should go for Hickory wood. If you have a farmhouse or a lodge in the woods, it would be better to have a rustic design. You get the modern designs in cities so a farmhouse should bring some change. Hickory offers a natural and earthy look and is quite durable. Furthermore, it offers light to dark brown colors. Its hardness surpasses the walnut. However, it is cheaper in price but is still somewhat expensive.

For what purpose you need the table?


The second question is about the purpose of your table. This includes side tables, coffee tables or the ones to serve as a decorative piece sitting at the corner. Irrespective of the use, the top should be pleasant for the eyes and capable of handling some load.

So if you want coffee tables, you should go with a maple tree. It not only has an amazing scent but the woods having the hardest quality. Therefore, they are quite durable and you get to enjoy your coffee on a naturally scented seat. You get creamy white to darker and golden brown color range in maple. Furthermore, you get 1450 hardness according to the Janka scale. So it will remain there for a longer time.

For study tables, you should prefer Pinewood. It has softwood and quite low density. Therefore, it gets scratches very easily. And this is the reason to not use it for dining or other purposes. Instead of the natural colors, pine is usually painted with different colors.

That is why you can paint it well with the colors of your choice. It has a low cost and that is why it becomes more suitable for study tables. Even if it gets scratches, you can paint it again and it will last for a few years.

Things you should pay attention to

Some factors are of great importance when it comes to determining the type of wood for the tabletops. These include;

1 – Durability


The hardness of the wood will tell you about the durability of the wood. It is measured with the Janka hardness test. A low number like 300 to 400 shows lower hardness. For example, pinewoods have 300 to 400 measures. So they are less hard and less durable. Contrarily, maple woods usually have 1400 to 1500 ratings. You should choose the durability depending upon your use.

For instance, if you need it for dining purposes, you should prefer more durable woods. Likewise, for lighter use, like a coffee table, you can opt a less durable one. It all mainly depends upon your preferences.

2 – Cost

You should also pay attention to the cost you are going to pay. If you want tougher and durable wood, there are plenty of choices. Some of them look good and have a higher cost while they are less durable. On the other hand, some woods are more durable and hard and are less expensive.

3 – Woodgrain

We get to know the texture of material through the arrangement of woodgrain, i.e. the pores. An open grain table has large pores, you can even see it through the naked eye. On the other hand, closer grains have small pores. These pores determine the texture and quality of the wood of the table.