What’s the Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Filled Duvets

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When it comes to choosing a Duvet, people get confused between natural and synthetic ones. The confusion arises because both are essential for sleeping. You might be wondering how to choose one according to your requirements. Don’t worry! We have prepared this article to give you all the necessary information about both these comforters. By the end, you will understand the difference between them that will further help you in buying a suitable one.

People always look for duvets that provide ultimate comfort while sleeping. Apart from that, it is vital to know the quality of the material used for producing it. If it is made of low-quality material, then it can cause many problems to your health and skin. So, you should keep this thing in mind before spending your money on buying it.

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Now, coming back to our main topic, we will first discuss natural and synthetic duvets in detail. After that, we will compare them based on the advantages and disadvantages of using them. So, without further ado, let’s get started with it.

What is a natural duvet?

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A natural comforter is filled with feathers of goose. Due to this, it is warm and soft and provides better comfort. They are available in two types-

  • Down-filled bedspread- Its filling is made up of the feathers collected from the breast of a goose or duck. It is very light in terms of weight. These feathers are excellent at tapping the air that further makes the comforter warm.
  • Feather-filled bedspread- Its filling uses the feathers from the covering of a goose. It is less soft and firmer in quality.

As a result, its weight is heavier than others. The availability of tapping the air is not as good as down-filled bedding. The warmness can only be achieved if there is more filling in the duvet.

What is a synthetic duvet?

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A synthetic duet contains synthetic fibers like polyester. It is best for allergic people. The lifespan of this type of comforter is less. However, it depends on the quality of the material used to produce it. The filling used in these bedspreads comes in four different types-

  • Polyester Hollowfibre- This type of filling gives firmness to the comforter. But the level of comfort and warmth is better than other solid fiber bedspreads.
  • Polyester Microfibre- Polyester microfibre is soft, warm, and light in weight. It gives excellent comfort to the people. This material has the properties of natural feathers as it can trap the air quickly. The only disadvantage is that these duvets have a shorter lifespan.
  • Ball Fiber Pillow- It is another popular type of filling used in bedspreads. The bunch of polyesters is transformed into balls during manufacturing. These balls then go into the process of filling. The fiber offers perfect quality and is usually long-lasting as compared to other fibers.
  • Spiral hollow fiber- This filling has a great lifespan. It offers excellent warmth when used in the comforters.

What are the pros and cons of using natural duvets?

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  • Comfort level at its best- If you are looking for comfort, you should go for a natural bedspread. They are soft like silk and provide excellent comfort during the night.
  • Environment-friendly- As you already know, that environment is deteriorating faster. You should always buy a duvet that is biodegradable. One of the qualities of natural comforters is that they are environment friendly. They won’t create pollution like synthetic ones.
  • Long-lasting- The lifespan is a crucial thing to consider when it comes to a bedspread. As the filling is made of features, it is long-lasting. Therefore, you don’t have to purchase it frequently.
  • Quickly get warm- Along with the comfort, they also provide warmth to the body. The air tapping feature of the material used is responsible for this.


  • Expensive- They are more expensive because of the material used for making them. So, if you have a tight budget, you shouldn’t buy a natural one.
  • Become less attractive with time- The feathers in these comforters get grouped in some areas after some time.

What are the pros and cons of using synthetic duvets?

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  • Hypoallergenic properties– They have unique properties to prevent individuals from asthma, dust sensitivity, eczema, and more. Some people are prone to allergies. The only way to stop frequent allergies is using synthetic bedding for sleeping.
  • Available at affordable rates- These comforters are available at reasonable prices. So, if you don’t want to pay more, you can choose a synthetic one.
  • Wide variety of fillings- You will get plenty of options while deciding on a synthetic bedspread.
  • Durability- The durability of these bedspreads is excellent as synthetic materials are used in them. They don’t get destroyed after a few years.
  • Lightweight- They are light in weight, but it depends on the type of filling.
  • Easy to wash- The washing process is not difficult in the case of these mattresses. You don’t have to buy special detergents for washing them.


  • Harmful effect on health- Yes, synthetic duvets indeed help prevent various allergies. But they are also harmful to your health. The reason behind it is that their foams are petroleum-based products. They can impact the health of a person in the long run.
  • Increased Firmness- People usually search for soft mattresses as they bring comfort to them. Synthetic bedspreads have increased firmness that decreases the comfort level.
  • Heavy filling- Some synthetic fillings are heavier in weight than natural fillings. So, it will help if you choose one wisely.

Final Thoughts

From the above information, we have concluded that both the natural and synthetic duvets are helpful in some ways. The difference between them is simple. One contains natural materials, while the other includes synthetic materials. In the end, it depends on your requirements and needs to choose a suitable duvet.