Unlocking New Possibilities – Integrating The Clienttree CRM System With L&G Ignite Mortgage Sourcing

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As technology is key to staying competitive and efficient, mortgage brokers can now benefit from seamless integrations between a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and mortgage sourcing platforms.

After ClientTree introduced its mortgage broker CRM for UK mortgage and insurance brokers, the integration with L&G Ignite was its second sourcing platform integration. This article explores how this step helps mortgage broker operations and set it apart from other technological solutions.

The Power of ClientTree CRM

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The ClientTree CRM system is a robust, user-friendly platform designed specifically for UK mortgage brokers. It offers a suite of tools tailored to enhance client relationship management, streamline operations, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Key features include:

– Comprehensive client-centric records with bespoke fields based on each client’s situation

– Efficient document management with secure storage, ease of sharing and free e-signatures

– Workflow automation via automated emails and linking of different sections within the system

– Data analytics and reporting in flexible ways as well as generating UK FCA reports

The Strength of L&G Ignite

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L&G Ignite is an innovative mortgage sourcing system that provides brokers with free access to mortgage products from various lenders as well as offering complementing services.

Key features include:

– Extensive mortgage product database that is filtered based on the case details

– Real-time updates of mortgage rates and terms to keep brokers up-to-date when sourcing

– Affordability calculators to evaluate clients’ borrowing capacity based on their financial situation

– Direct application submissions to streamline the mortgage applications process

The benefits of this integration

The integration of the two systems merges the best of both platforms into a single, cohesive system that promotes efficiency for UK mortgage brokers. Here’s how:

  1. Client data from the ClientTree CRM system is synchronised with L&G Ignite, which eliminates data re-keying and speeds us the mortgage sourcing process.
  2. The integration ensures that all client interactions and mortgage applications are well-documented and compliant with UK industry regulations.
  3. Brokers can provide real-time updates to clients on the status of their mortgage applications, which increases client satisfaction and transparency.
  4. The integration supports scalability by easily adding/removing new users, managing a growing client base, and incorporating additional features as needed.

Practical Applications and Success Stories

To illustrate the impact of integrating the ClientTree mortgage broker CRM system with L&G Ignite mortgage sourcing system, let’s explore some success stories.

Streamlining processes for a small broker firm

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A firm faced challenges with time-consuming processes due to manual data entry and disjointed systems. By implementing the ClientTree CRM system and the L&G Ignite mortgage sourcing system, the firm eliminated its manual fact find forms and excel sheets, reduced its processing time by 50%, which meant less nights spent on admin to catch up.

Increasing operational efficiency for a larger broker firm

A bigger UK mortgage broker firm with self-employed advisors working from home needed a robust cloud-based solution that supported data-sharing between team members.

While the CRM system offered exactly that, the integration with the sourcing system also ensured brokers and their paraplanners could easily work together, source deals, check affordability and criteria without having to re-key any information.


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The integration of the ClientTree CRM system with L&G Ignite mortgage sourcing is a game changer for mortgage brokers who are looking for a modern, cost-effective and seamless solution. Through this integration, UK mortgage brokers can easily scale their operations and maintain a competitive edge in the market.