Top 7 Fashion Mistakes Tourist Make When Coming to LA


Los Angeles is a fashion mecca where the sun-kissed streets buzz with style and creativity. However, tourists often stumble into common fashion pitfalls while trying to blend in with the effortlessly chic Angelenos.

If you’re planning a visit to LA, here’s your guide to avoiding the most frequent fashion missteps, sprinkled with tips to help you dress like a local and enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Overpacking Formal Wear


Many visitors believe LA’s glamour means everyone dresses like they’re on a red carpet. While it’s true that LA has its share of glitzy events, day-to-day fashion is far more laid-back.

Instead of stuffing your suitcase with formal attire, focus on comfortable, stylish clothes that can transition easily from day to night. Think casual chic rather than Beverly hills and Los Angeles Collection or gala-ready.

Ignoring the Weather

LA is famed for its sunny weather, but that doesn’t mean it’s always hot. Mornings and evenings can be cool, especially near the coast.

Tourists often mistake LA for an endless summer paradise and end up shivering in their shorts and tank tops when the temperature drops. Pack layers to stay comfortable, and don’t forget a light jacket for those breezy nights.

Wearing the Wrong Footwear


Exploring LA involves a lot of walking, whether you’re wandering down the Hollywood Walk of Fame or shopping on Melrose Avenue. High heels and fancy dress shoes may look great but will leave your feet aching by the end of the day.

Opt for stylish yet comfortable footwear. Sneakers, sandals, or trendy flats are perfect choices to keep you walking in comfort while still looking fashionable.

Dressing Like a Beach Bum Everywhere

While LA’s beaches are iconic, dressing like you’re always heading to the sand isn’t the best idea. Walking around in flip-flops, board shorts, and swimwear far from the beach can make you stand out as a tourist.

Aim for a versatile wardrobe that suits multiple occasions. Casual, beach-friendly clothes are great for the coast, but have a few polished outfits ready for city adventures.

Overdoing the Celebrity Look


It’s tempting to emulate the celebrity styles you see on social media, but going overboard with designer labels and flashy outfits can be a dead giveaway that you’re not a local. Angelenos appreciate subtlety and individuality.

Mix high-end pieces with thrift finds or local designer items to create a balanced, authentic look.

Misjudging the LA Casual

LA casual is an art form—seemingly effortless but thoughtfully put together. Tourists often misinterpret this as sloppy or too relaxed.

The key is to balance comfort with style. Well-fitted jeans, stylish tees, and casual yet chic dresses capture the essence of LA casual. Avoid overly baggy clothes or anything that looks too worn out. Aim for pieces that are comfortable yet stylishly put together.

Over Accessorizing


While accessories can elevate an outfit, overdoing it can have the opposite effect. LA style often leans towards minimalism, with a focus on a few key pieces rather than a plethora of adornments. Choose one or two statement accessories to enhance your look.

Whether it’s a pair of sunglasses, a chic hat, or a bold piece of jewelry, let your accessories complement your outfit without overwhelming it.