Why Do People Choose Cremation And Urns

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Although most don’t realize it, more and more people choose to be cremated. However, why is it becoming increasingly popular and what drives people to choose it? Well, to put it simply, there is a wide range of reasons why someone would opt for it, and those reasons are exactly what we’ll talk about in this article today. So, here are 5 reasons why cremation and urns are slowly replacing conventional funerals:

1. It’s Less Expensive

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One of the first reasons why individuals opt for cremations and urns is because it’s more affordable than traditional funerals. Now, the expenses you’ll have will rely on whether you’re holding a service for yourself or one of your family members, mostly because you could still choose to have a watch or a religious service. Hence, the costs could vary depending on the services you opt for. Direct cremation is the cheapest option, nonetheless, you’ll probably spend some money on an urn.

2. A Wide Range of Services

As you know, traditional burials, in most cases, occur within 10 days after someone passes away, which means that family members and friends have to come and attend the services as soon as they can – which might be difficult for some But, by choosing cremation, there will be no urgency, meaning that you won’t need to do anything right away with the ashes and urns. If wanted, there could be a service or viewing when the entire family is free, even months after someone passes away.

3. The Urns Could Be Kept

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According to the experts from The Living Urn, one of the most common reasons why families choose to get cremated is due to the fact that the ashes can be kept in the home. And, if the family opts for obtaining an attractive urn, they could place it almost anywhere – most commonly on the mantle, stand, or table – hence, the loved one that passed away will always be with their other family members.

4. It’s Much Better For Our Environment

Now, cremation may not be as “green” as natural funerals are, however, when compared to conventional funeral options, it much better for our environment. After all, traditional burials will demand land, a coffin, and embalming, all of which can harm our environment. On the other hand, cremation won’t require any of these things, and even if you and the rest of the family opt for burying the urn, it won’t take up as much space as a casket would.

5. It’s Convenient

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Just because you might opt for a more convenient and quick option, this doesn’t suggest that you don’t love the family member enough. It takes a lot of time to prepare a funeral and it’s never a simple process, and with cremation, you could avoid all the problems you might have. Additionally, funeral services could be extremely difficult and exhausting, however, cremation may be better since it’s quicker.


There is a wide range of reasons why someone would choose to be cremated. From the affordable cost of services to the ability to keep the urn in a home, for most people, it’s a more convenient option than traditional burials. If you’re in need of such services, you shouldn’t lose any more time. Instead, start looking for a reliable and competent organization that’ll help you with the needs and requirements you have.