Are Fluffy Stuffies Safe for Kids?


Childhood cannot be comprehended without toys, right? It used to be way easier about 20 years ago when the market wasn’t as big as it is today.

Therefore, the possibilities were not as numerous, but all of them were greatly appreciated.

These days, there are literally countless options, and among the most popular ones, you will find fluffy stuffies. There is no child who doesn’t adore these, especially the youngest ones.

But can they be dangerous for little kids?

Let’s find out.

Are They Age-Appropriate?

The first thing you should take a look whether the toy is age-appropriate. Of course, this may sound like a strange thing when we re talking about stuffies, but the rule applies here to.

Before you purchase, check the age recommendation on the package.

It doesn’t matter how strange it may seem to you; the information is there for a reason, and you should follow it. It is not uncommon for small children to put small parts in their mouths.

As we all know, this can cause a choking hazard. Therefore, it is best to pay attention to these things.

Sleeping with Fluffy Stuffies

One of the commonest things that happens is children wanting to sleep with their toys. Once again, fluffy stuffies are by far the commonest choice.

A good thing to know is that pulmonologists advise parents not to allow this and for a good reason. Children who are sleeping with these toys can develop an array of allergies, most likely rhinitis.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that this will be the sole reason for a child developing allergies, but it can significantly contribute to it.

That is why it is best to hesitate from doing so. At the very least, washing these as frequently as possible is highly recommended.

How to Make to Choose Safer Options?


To make these toys as safe as possible, you should take several factors into consideration.

Natural Materials

Look for toys made from natural materials since they are free from all harmful chemicals.

You will find numerous toys these days made of harmful materials that should be nowhere near your children.

Not only will natural materials be safer in this regard, but they will also be much more comforting to the touch and way more durable.

Safe Design

Safe design is equally important as natural materials. Look for brands who are fully aware of this factor and they endorse fully.

Of course, you would need to do a little bit of digging until you find the right one, but it’ll be worth it, we promise.

One of the features that’s a good indicator of safety is embroidered eyes. The reason is quite simple: they do not have any small parts that can be swallowed.

The Bottom Line


While fluffy stuffies are not among the most dangerous toys out there, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be careful about them too.

Here, you can take a look at the reasons why.

Also, we’ve pointed out how you can make them safer.