How Often Should You Change Running Shoes?


It’s a fact that shoes won’t last forever. I mean, you can get an elegant model and keep it in great condition for years, but any model will eventually become worn off.

And timely replacement is very important for athletes. In that case, shoes won’t last as long as your casual footwear. And it’s actually recommended to change them on time. Also, getting a high-quality model like men’s saucony will ensure having the same pair for a longer time. Let’s see what an average lifespan of running shoes is.

How Long Can They Last?


First of all, it depends on the model. Also, keep in mind that not all shows are made for higher pressure and running on track or off-road. You could find a great model that has that sporty appearance, but first time when you went for a hiking tour, the sole may tear off.

That’s why you need to look for a model specifically made for running, like Saucony. According to most people athletes, the average lifespan is around 400 miles. Some models may even serve for over 500 miles.

But again, this is only an average number, meaning that you could experience a different situation. For example, you cannot expect to reach the same mileage with them if you are running on a challenging terrain with lots of dirt, water, sand, and mud.

Also, there are some ways to prolong the lifespan. For instance, instead of having just one pair, you can buy a couple of them, even getting the same model is good. The reason for that is that the material, which is elastic, may need a longer time to get back to its standard position, and that could take a whole day. Therefore, you can use one pair, while another one is “resting”, and that can help you keep both pairs for a longer time.

Besides that, proper maintenance is essential. Don’t leave the mud on them waiting to dry out, washing them before that happens is a better solution. We also have to mention the common mistake a lot of people are making, which is putting the shoes in a washing machine. Washing with hands is a more suitable way. When it comes to drying, fill them with newspapers as this is the most efficient technique.

How Often to Replace Them?


The problem with running shoes is that they may appear good as new from the outside, but the insole could be completely worn off, which is unhealthy and even dangerous as the shoes just won’t provide the same stability anymore.

And always having a proper pair is important for your joints and ankles. The goal is to get a pair that will support your feet and protect them while you are jogging.

So, even though many models could last for over 400 miles, the best way to find out when to replace them is to simply pay more attention to the condition of the shoes. It highly depends on your activities. Therefore, it can be once a year, or once every few months.

Last Words


In the end, the point is to never force wearing the same pair for a longer time that recommended. Again, when they cannot provide support anymore, you are only risking an injury while wearing them. The interesting fact is that some athletes may get sentimental, and keep their old shoes at home. That can only lead to piling. A more sustainable way is to recycle them.