Guide to Online Real Estate Classes in NC


Are you wondering where to get a real estate license NC online? Don’t worry, this post will take you through the expert guidance you need to jumpstart your North Carolina real estate career.

Whether you are a potential broker or agent looking to explore the ever-changing real estate industry in NC, you can advance your career path by attending accredited online schools such as RealEstateU in NC.

North Carolina’s Real Estate Commissions governs the real estate industry in the state with Pearson Vue providing the licensing exam for agents and brokers. The average time it takes to complete the required 75-hour online real estate classes NC is 3.5 months.

How to Get Affordable Online Real Estate Classes in NC


RealEstateU is one of the leading online North Carolina real estate schools that offers the easiest and cheapest way to get your realtor license. With the most affordable course package starting from as little as $249, you can become a licensed agent in NC fully online.

Every basic RealEstateU online class includes a 75-hour real estate education course. However, you can reduce your study time by up to 90% if you sign up for the complete package, which includes the course, study guide, and ebook.

Online classes are recommended for part-time or full-time workers who prefer to study on their schedule. Experienced instructors at RealEstateU teach students everything they need to pass the North Carolina real estate licensing exam.

North Carolina currently has over 100,000 licensed agents and 17,000 brokers–charge, and many take advantage of RealEstateU’s online real estate classes NC to secure their real estate education.

NC Real Estate License Course and Requirements For Brokers

People from all walks of life, including high school graduates and career changers in their mid-30s and 40s, enter into real estate in North Carolina to make money. However, it’s worth understanding that the state has strict requirements for candidates looking to become brokers.

To become a licensed real estate broker in NC, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be an American citizen or have a green card
  • Take and complete the state-required 75-hour pre-licensing education
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Pass the NC real estate licensing exam with a score of at least 75%

NC real estate brokers may work with agents to manage paperwork, generate leads, negotiate transactions between property buyers and sellers, and manage relationships with clients.

Why You Should Choose the Best NC Real Estate Schools


Several private NC real estate schools and community colleges offer real estate courses in NC. Choosing a great school is crucial for getting your license with ease. RealEstateU is a top-notch institution with a solid reputation in the industry.

Taking online classes at trusted schools can boost your chances of passing the NC real estate exam which is sometimes tricky. Consider asking your real estate education provider whether they offer any guarantees for pre-licensing students.

Obtaining a good education helps lay a solid foundation to thrive in North Carolina’s real estate industry. Therefore, enroll at RealEstateU’s NC real estate school now to get your license fast.