How to Track your Yanwen Packages

Yanwen Express has been in business since 1998 in China. It is a specialty logistics company servicing e-commerce companies. Yanwen International Express currently works in 123 countries around the world with its head office being in Beijing. They are well known for their great customer service and reliability.

Now, if you are looking for Yanwen packages tracking in USA, you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss all things about tracking your Yanwen parcel, not only in the USA, but worldwide. Let’s dive in.

Where to Find your Yanwen Tracking Number?


Your Yanwen tracking number will either be on your receipt, or on your order confirmation email. You can also simply go to the e-commerce website where you made your purchase, and check the “My Orders” tab for delivery details.

The Yanwen tracking number has two capital letters in the beginning, two at the end, and nine digits in between. The letters at the end stand for Yanwen Post. It may look something like this: UF127845966YN.

Tracking your parcel without a tracking number can be a hair raising exercise, sometimes almost impossible. If you have lost your tracking number, you can reach out to the friendly Yanwen support team who will gladly assist you as best they can.

How to Track your Yanwen Package


Yanwen provides a comprehensive tracking service for their package or even cargo, all you will need is your tracking number. Once you enter the tracking number into a parcel tracker, you will be able to view the history and status of your package.

You can also use a reliable parcel tracking service such as where you are able to track multiple parcels on one platform.

To track your parcel simply enter your unique tracking number into the search bar, click search. Shortly you will see information relating to your parcel, it’s history, and current status.

What Happens if your Parcel is not Delivered?


There are special circumstances where delivery of post can take a lengthy period, even sometimes 2 to 3 months. These situations are usually very rare.

You can easily contact your carrier’s support team, or the e-commerce site’s support team, and they will assist you in further tracking your parcel and providing feedback on the progress.

You can also use tracking mediums such as to keep track of all your parcels across different carriers, as they host more than 750 carriers on their parcel tracking services.

Last Words

Tracking your Yanwen parcel is as easy as getting onto the’s website with your tracking number handy to enter into the search bar. Within seconds you will have all the details you need in order to track the status of your parcel and know when to expect delivery.

There are many benefits to tracking your parcel, such as having peace of mind with regards to the status of your parcel, being able to manage your time better knowing when to expect delivery, and for safety purposes of your items.

Using a smart parcel tracker such as PKGE will save you time while you track all your parcels across various carriers, all in one place.