5 Epic TV Series That Inspired the Best Online Slots

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It’s not too rare to come across popular characters from TV series in online games of all kinds. Usually, the more popular is a TV series, the more successful the video or online game inspired by it. It’s easy to see why game studio developers create new games by tapping into TV series and shows that people love to watch.

The Relationship Between TV And Online Slots

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Even cartoons turn out to be a precious source of inspiration for several game designers! But the relationship between the world of TV series and the world of video games online seems to be even deeper: every year, game developers release online games like slots to appear in TV movies, series, and popular shows. So, on one hand, TV series give game developers fresh new ideas to create their games. And on the other hand, online games come to make TV series or shows even more appealing to the public.

Several TV shows and series seem to have conquered the heart of the worldwide public and not only in the US or UK (both countries are home to the world’s most popular and appreciated TV shows and series) but even overseas. In the Middle East, Arabs play the most famous TV series themed online slot of all time. When it comes to the most unbridled fun and entertainment, Arabs are always ahead of rest of the world!

TV Series themed Online Slots

Online slots for real money represent one of the most chosen game categories at almost all online casinos. So, why not create some new slots inspired by the most beloved TV series? That’s how the following most played online slots appeared in several casino game libraries for the joy of all the gamblers passionate about American TV series.

Game of Thrones

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If you usually tend to connect Game of Thrones to the popular HBO series about a civil war in a medieval country, know that Microgaming released a top-notch slot game based entirely on the epic TV series. The game has 15 paylines, and it’s packed with the same music, icons, and symbols from the TV series. Just a little difference: Game of Thrones came already to an end, but the game will never stop to bring you back to the typical medieval scenery that you love!

Top Cat

Those who feel nostalgic about past TV series and, in particular, cartoons will surely love Top Cat, a new slot released by Blueprint Gaming. The game studio got inspired by the popular Top Cat cartoon from the 1960s to create a 5-reel slot with 3 rows and 20 paylines. All the graphics is a faithful reproduction of the original cartoon. The bright colors will literally make you love the game, but probably its huge jackpot will add some extra reasons for you to try it!

Batman And Catwoman

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Who doesn’t know Batman? The 1960s TV series was a worldwide success for decades. It inspired more versions of the original series with new characters or new features attributed to already existing characters. That’s how the TV series with Catwoman was born. Now, the step from the world of TV to the world of online games is pretty short. You got it right: Batman And Catwoman are today a brilliant slot to play for everyone! You will come across the TV series onomatopoeia like “bam” or “baw” from the first TV series. As a top innovative feature, the slot comes with the Cat Burglar Bonus: if you get it, you’ll win a real-money prize or a double spin. Also, if you get a Batman or a Catwoman icon, more rewards will fall into your hands!


For all the fans of Vikings, NetEnt released a new amazing slot, Viking. The game has all the original characters and sound effects as the TV series. Playing Viking means to come across rude warriors appearing in the slot with their weapons and typical elements. But don’t be afraid to see a Viking character coming up in the game: every Viking comes with a boost of good luck for the players. The hotspot feature of the game can be triggered when the Viking tokens are downloaded and the reel is filled with them.

Britain’s Got Talent

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If you can sing, play an instrument, or dance, you might cherish the thought of participating in a talent show like Britain’s Got Talent. Imagine yourself looking at Simon Cowell’s eyes and trying to awaken any kind of emotion from his inexpressive face. Super talented people like Susan Boyle could enchant him with their angel-like voices. Not sure about such an adventure? Ok, you can always have fun with the new slot inspired by Britain’s Got Talent. The slot comes from the studio developers of Ash Gaming, contains exclusive features like the Live Show Bonus that allows you to choose what you want to display in the final show. You will win the show and get realistic applause on top of live footage and reviews about your performance!

As you can see, there’s a totally exhilarant world of new slots to try and play!