Ways to Care For Your Jewelry

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Who doesn’t love jewelry? Whether made of gold, silver, or imitation jewelry, every piece has some important story close to your heart. So preserving every piece of jewelry is essential.

A representative from Jusnova jewelry has helped in curating this blog and given valuable insights into how to take care of the jewelry.

How To Take Care Of Your Jewelry

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You need to adapt to take care of various kinds of jewelry in different ways. For instance, how you care for your diamond jewelry is not the same as you do for your statement jewelry. Have a look to get a clear picture. Each piece of jewelry needs special care, and hence it is crucial you know about the ways you should care for them.

1. Caring Gem Stone Jewelry

If you are someone who has a heart for gems, you will probably never settle for anything other than the colorful pooping gems.

Some gems, like emeralds, are oiled to enhance their color. Similarly, other gems are also treated to enhance their beauty. Ensure that you keep the gems jewelry wrapped in velvet, silk, or muslin cloth in a jewelry box.

Do not clean in boiling water or ultrasonic cleaners. Always clean them in lukewarm water.

2. Caring For Gold And Silver

Gold and silver jewelry will not get oxidized, but with time they might lose their shine. Thus, ensure to keep ever so beautiful keep them in an air-tight container, sealed pouches, or a place with a piece calk inside. Chalk is said to absorb moisture and keep your jewelry pieces shiny.

Furthermore, gold scratches easily ensure that you keep your gold jewelry in a box or pouch with velvet linings.

To clean gold and silver jewelry, you can use toothpaste. Smear toothpaste on your pieces of jewelry and let it be for a minute or two; later, wash it thoroughly under water at room temperature. A dish wash and water solution work well for these pieces too.

3. Caring For Diamonds Jewelry

Diamonds are the hardest material, but when they become ornaments to adore you, they need extra care. The brims that set the diamond you wear often collect oil and dirt from your fingers and make your diamond jewelry dirty.

When you are not wearing your diamonds, store them in a safe place away from other pieces of jewelry to prevent scratches. Keeps them safe in a pouch lined with muslin or silk cloth.

If you want to clean your diamond jewelry, dip them for a minute with a degreasing liquid and water solution. Later, pat them dry with a dry cotton cloth.

General Care

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Whether you have diamond jewelry, gemstone jewelry, or any jewelry made from a precious material, there are a few general cares that you need to take. These include:

  • Do not wear your jewelry if you are doing any strenuous activity, like swimming, exercise, etc.
  • If you have a job that requires working at the chemical labs, it is suggested that you open the jewelry and then enter.
  • Further, follow the tips like keeping them away from moisture, store in a safe and secure place, and washing them in mild ph soaps and water solution.

Ending Note

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All you need to do to keep your ornaments safe is be conscious about how you keep them when you are not wearing them. Furthermore, do not vigorously clean them, as each piece mentioned is prone to scratches. Ensure to keep them wrapped in muslin, velvet, or silk cloth in an air-tight box or specially curated jewelry boxes.