What Is Cold Brew Tea? – Guide 2024

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During the hot summer season, you need a refreshing drink to cool you down, while you bask in the sun. Regular drinks like iced coffee and tea are okay choices, but they get boring after awhile. Spice up your summer parties and gatherings with cold brew tea, which is the better alternative to cold drinks. Not only is it healthier, but it tastes great during summer. Cold brew tea is not something only found in expensive places – in fact, you can even make it at home! But what exactly is cold brew tea?

Cold brew tea is the process of making cold tea, by using cold water to steep the tea for hours in the fridge. This is compared to making regular iced tea, by adding hot water and then cooling the tea. Cold brew tea comes out is a fresher, tastier, and stronger drink, as compared to normal iced tea. While it is relatively easy to make, it does take several hours to prepare. It may seem like an intricate process, but making cold brew tea is actually very easy. All you need is a container, tea leaves, cold water, and a fridge! Read on to learn more about cold brew tea.

Is Cold Brew Tea Healthy?

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Yes, cold brew tea is quite healthy, similar to regular tea. Since the only ingredients are water and the tea leaves, it is very natural and can be healthy for you. Unless you add extra flavours like sugar syrups or sweeteners, cold brew tea is just like a cup of iced tea.

However, it does still contain caffeine, which can be bad for your body if consumed too often. Experts suggest no more than 5 cups of coffee or tea per day, as too much caffeine can lead to high blood pressure, headaches, and disrupt your sleep cycle.

The right amount of cold brew tea to consume can be found with the Hario Cold Brew Filter-in Tea Bottle. The bottle has a capacity of 750ml, or 25oz, which is a good amount for an average tea drinker. Hario’s cold brew tea bottle is perfect for brewing, storing, and drinking tea – the all-in-one container for making cold brew tea. With its glass body, you can see how much tea is left, as well as what type of cold brew tea, its extra flavours, and the freshness of the tea. The Hario Cold Brew Filter-in Tea Bottle is a great bottle to drink tea out of, and you can easily stay healthy and slowly drink your cold brew tea throughout the day.

How Is Cold Brew Tea Different Than Iced Tea?

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Cold brew tea is stronger, sweeter, and smoother on your tastebuds as compared to regular iced tea. Due to the difference in the way they are prepared, the tea gets infused differently. By having the tea steep in cold water for hours, the process of breaking down the tea leaves and spices is slower and gentler, which helps to keep the natural flavours more intact and profound. On the other hand, making regular iced tea first involves adding hot water, which quickly breaks down and dissolves the tea leaves, releasing the flavour.

However, this also causes some of the taste to be lost and altered, due to the heating process. Therefore, even after cooling it down, regular iced tea will not taste as smooth and fresh as cold brew tea. Furthermore, adding flavours to cold brew tea is much easier, as you can add fresh fruits to the mixture while it is steeping in the fridge. Thus, there are more creative ways to enjoy cold brew tea, as compared to regular iced tea.

Can I Cold Brew Any Tea?

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Yes, you can make cold brew tea with any kind of tea. However, there are some teas that taste better than others when made into cold brew. Fruity and floral tasting tea works better, as the flavours are better accentuated when cold. Sweeter tea is also preferred, as you cannot add sugar to your cold brew tea once it is made. On a hot summer day, when cold brew tea is refreshing, generally sweeter and tastier flavoured teas are better for cold brew.

With Hario Cold Brew Filter-in Tea Bottle, you can use any kinds of tea for your cold brew tea. Hario bottles work with any kinds of tea ingredients, even addons. With the inbuilt filter inside the bottle, both tea leaves and tea grounds can be used, and it will not leave residue in your brewed tea. Furthermore, the Hario bottle is designed to also allow additional ingredients like sliced fruits, mint leaves, and other addons to make your cold brew tea all that tastier. Hario Cold Brew Filter-in Tea Bottle is a fantastic bottle for brewing and drinking cold brew tea.

Our Recommended Cold Brew Tea Bottle – Hario Tea Bottles Are Perfect for The Summer
To make your own cold brew tea at home, we totally recommend the Hario Cold Brew Filter-in Tea Bottle for brewing fresh and delicious cold brew tea. Its ergonomic design is perfect for storing it in the fridge while the tea takes time to steep, and it also pours out cleanly into cups for drinking with its wine top design. Furthermore, you can even keep it in your bags while you are on the go, allowing you to have your cold brew tea anywhere outside. The filter is made of polypropylene, which is very easy to clean – the whole bottle can even put cleaned using the dishwasher.

The Hario Cold Brew Filter-in Tea Bottle comes in many colours, such as pink, green, and white. Hario bottles also works well as a gift for friends and family, especially for the summertime, when people are looking to drink cold brew tea. Brew up different teas using Hario tea bottles, and they look aesthetically pleasing, with all the different coloured teas in glass bottles. They are perfect for pool parties and barbeques, as they are easy to pour and serve. Get yourself a Hario Cold Brew Filter-in Tea Bottle today, and enjoy your summer experience to the fullest.