5 Ways to Save Money at Supermarkets

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Every housewife should know how to save money on groceries and items at supermarkets like Meijer and Publix. Consider all the loopholes available to the shopper to save money, such as weekly ads, flyers, discount coupons, promo codes, and loyalty programs.

1. Promo codes – how to use

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If a customer needs to use a delivery service – you should use a promo code, which will provide an opportunity to get delivery at a low price. Promo codes of interest are always sent out to users of mobile applications of official stores, it is possible to use such when placing an online order. It is enough to insert a valid code and get your discount for home delivery of products.

Please note! Often such codes are provided when a user registers for a new account in the supermarket service system. And it is possible to use them a limited number of times – for example on the first purchase or the first 3 home deliveries.

2. Weekly Ads at Weeklyadusa

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The second way is to use resources that publish Meijer and Publix weekly ad – for example weeklyadusa.com. On these sites, you can always view information with the latest promotions and discounts, usually the information on discounted items is updated every week from Wednesday to Tuesday. Goods at low prices are available to all customers of supermarkets that participate in the loyalty program and use a discount card. These ads are valid for one week from the date of publication.

3. Discount coupons

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The third way is to use coupons with discounts, which are published on the official sites of stores. It is worth paying attention to the fact that such coupons have an expiration date, which must be respected. To use this method it is necessary to print the coupon and give it to the cashier at the time of payment at the cashier’s desk.

You can also use the electronic version of the coupon in a mobile application. In this case you need to install a free mobile application on your phone, which can be downloaded for free at the official AppStore or GooglePlay. After installing the app, you need to go through a small registration procedure. And create a user account, then you can go to the e-coupons section and use any of the available ones.

4. Loyalty Programs

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Every major retail chain has a loyalty and rewards program for customers. By becoming a member of a bonus program the customer can accumulate points and receive a discount on goods or pay for them with accumulated bonuses. To get a discount card you need to go to the supermarket and fill out a membership form, providing the necessary personal information. The next step is to activate plastic discount card through the company’s website or by calling the hotline. After activation you can start using the card and accumulate bonus points on its account. You should carefully read the terms and conditions of the bonus program in order to understand all the rules of earning and writing off points.

In some cases they have a certain lifetime, for example, one month from the date of accrual, after which they are burned.

The second way to issue a discount card is to use an application for your smartphone. The electronic version is many times more convenient because it is always in your smartphone and does not require a plastic version. It is enough to open the qr-code and give it to the cashier for scanning.

5. Promotions in supermarkets

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A fairly frequent option to save money is to use ongoing promotions that allow you to get savings when you buy several items of the same product or when you buy a certain amount of money.

For example, the Publix promotion, where it offers to save $10 on purchases over $50 worth of items. Details on such offers are always available on the weekly ads pages.