What Is Post-construction Cleaning

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Construction may be termed over when the house is fully built. Still, it usually is not yet done since the construction company has additional work like cleaning the construction site, planting the flower garden, and setting up the perimeter wall. Post-construction cleaning is a three-phase cleaning process done to houses that have been renovated or newly built immediately after the construction is done. Below are the phases of post-construction cleaning services.

Rough clean

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Rough cleaning is done immediately after the necessary installation of electric works, framing, and plumbing. It involves removing any large unwanted items like trash, debris, leftover materials, or generally materials that are not easy to vacuum. It is like the preparation phase for more intense cleaning. Stickers left on doors, furniture, and windows are removed, sweeping is done, and vacuuming follows. This is a phase that the construction owner can do for themselves. If you cannot do it, you can hire people to do it for you, depending on your location. For example, people living in Hamilton will hire post-construction cleaning in Hamilton.

Light clean

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The light clean phase is why people pay for construction clean-up services, as a lot of work that requires cleaning equipment and tools is done in this phase. These works include thoroughly cleaning bathrooms, toilet bowls, sinks, and windows. Rooms with unique purposes like the restroom and kitchens are given more attention during cleaning. Light cleaning is thorough cleaning done for the entire facility from top to bottom. At this point, the house is clean and one step closer to being viable for the client to move in. Thorough cleaning is done on the window panes, stains left on the walls are removed, floors are cleaned and polished, and all the appliances are cleaned. At this point, the facility has come to life from a construction site to a house worth living in.

Final clean

Several days after the light clean is done, the final clean is done to ensure no dust is left settling on the house and no area is missed during cleaning. The final phase is not as intense as the first and second phases and takes less time to complete as it only involves removing any fingerprints or smudges lefts on items like window panes. It perfects any imperfections left from the previous cleaning phases. Detailed checking is done in all the spaces, corners, and inner surfaces to verify that the house is ready for the client to move in and settle. Safety measures are also considered, like ensuring no loose wires and leaks and all the sockets are well installed.

The contractors can do the post-construction cleaning, or you can hire a cleaning service company to do the job, depending on the kind of agreement you signed. Hiring professionals rather than DIY cleaning is essential as you do not have the required equipment, so you will likely miss the inner and hidden sections. This might put the safety of the people that will occupy in danger.