How to Speed Up Your Process Analysis Essay Writing Process


An essay is a piece of creative writing which tests the writer’s ability to sort information, analyze and present a logical conclusion. Essays can be of various types like argumentative, descriptive, expository, persuasive etc.

Each type has a specific purpose; for instance, an argumentative essay presents arguments for or against a topic. A narrative essay tells a story, whereas an expository piece of writing covers the “how to” aspect of a given topic.

Essay writing is a skill that can be intimidating and time-consuming for some. School students and college-goers are tested on their writing abilities. If they have to write a process analysis essay and have a shortage of time, they can consult professional organizations that will write a process analysis essay in a short time.

Parts Of A Process Analysis Essay


As the name suggests, the key aim of writing a process analysis essay is to describe in detail how to accomplish a particular task. Thus, it is an expository essay. They contain three main parts: an introduction, a body and a conclusion that summarizes the key ideas presented in the body.

For any piece of creative writing, the introduction aims to grab the attention of the readers.

Hence it needs to be attractive; a relevant quote or a thought-provoking question are good ways to grab the reader’s eyeballs.

The introduction also consists of a thesis statement which presents the main idea that will be presented in the body. For instance, if the topic is: how to change the blades of a mixer grinder, then the thesis statement should read something like this- “though it is easy to hire a person to replace appliance parts, knowing the steps yourself helps save time and money”.

The body contains the steps in detail, with the writing done in an easy-to-understand language. Usually, one paragraph is dedicated to one step, and the paragraphs end in a transition statement which ensures the flow and chronological order.

Why Is There A Need To Speed Up The Writing


Process Analysis essays are helpful for school and college students, bloggers and product manufacturers who write user manuals. A student or a blogger may need to write a lot of content in a day; hence the amount of time that can be dedicated to a particular piece of content is limited. Hence people need to learn some tricks to speed up the process.

Steps To Speed Up A Process Analysis Essay


Create A Solid Knowledge Base

Being knowledgeable helps write better and faster. Reading books, listening to the speeches of famous personalities, and reading the newspaper regularly help develop the knowledge base of an individual. People should read books on a variety of subjects like literature, philosophy, history, and science fiction because a process analysis can be about any topic.

There can be topics like describing the steps of setting up a successful startup which will require some knowledge of business administration. Again, if the subject is something like how to solve a differential equation, it will require some idea about mathematics. Likewise, having good observation skills and interacting with people from all walks of life also helps build a solid command over a number of subjects.

Creating A Comprehensive Outline


An outline is a general layout that the essay will follow. Having an outline helps make easy additions and deletions. It also helps maintain consistency and logical flow. One of the key components of a process analysis essay is to include all the steps involved in a process.

The writing should be such that even a novice should be able to complete the entire process and achieve a desirable outcome. However, it is easy to miss out on simple, intuitive steps under the assumption that they will be known to all. Hence, having an outline helps make the writing useful and saves time in the editing process.

In fact, doing background research on a topic and creating a proper outline should take about 60% of the writer’s time, and writing, revising etc., should take the other 40% of the time.

Stay Relevant

Understanding the core demand of the topic and staying relevant have multiple advantages. Firstly, it makes the essay engaging; secondly, it is useful as the reader can get all the information and read less at the same time. Thirdly, it saves the time of the writer and the editor, who has to devote less time to revising and proofreading, respectively.

Use Of Technology


There are Artificial intelligence-based applications that help check spelling, grammar, paraphrasing a sentence etc. These applications can significantly reduce the overall time that needs to be dedicated to writing an essay. There are applications for speech-to-text conversion, and they can also be used to lessen the time required for typing. However, if the speaker is not careful, these applications can also type irrelevant mumblings, which can increase the time required for revision.

Practice A Lot

Practicing helps in a number of ways, like understanding the core demand of a topic, creating a a proper layout etc. Moreover, practice helps improve the typing speed, and regular typing helps achieve a typing speed of 60 to 70 words per minute (wpm).

Seeking Help From Professionals


Asking others to read the essay can help pick out mistakes faster. People are emotionally attached to their work; hence they do not want to edit a lot; hence seeking outside help can speed up the process. Moreover, there are professionals who guide with all the steps of writing. If there is very little time in hand, outsourcing the entire work to an agency can be a good idea.


Increasing the speed of writing is a mark of efficiency. With time and increasing expertise, people learn how to work faster. With the advent of the digital age, a lot of information is available just a click away. However, it takes expertise and efficiency to filter out the most relevant information from a vast sea of information. Hence there is no alternative to good research and a lot of practice.