How Do You Know if Your Roof Needs Replacing – 2024 Guide


Replacing the roof on your home isn’t a small endeavor. Roofs have their lifespan and at one point, you will need to replace the old roof and put the new one. This will set you back financially and it requires some planning before you start working.

The good news is that there is a large number of roofing companies that can help you with this task. They will be quick and efficient and finish the entire process in a matter of days.

But how can you tell when the right time is to replace the roof on your home?

Here are some signs that can help you make the right call:

Water Damage and Leaks


In case you notice some water damage or leaks, maybe it is time to replace the entire roof.

Of course, there’s always an option of patching up and this can work too. However, once the roof starts leaking (it doesn’t have to be a major leak) you can expect this to appear on several other spots. Therefore, by patching you’re only postponing the fact that you will need to change your roof.

Still patching up can give you enough time to organize and find someone who will be replacing your roof. The company you choose will give you a price estimate and you will be able to arrange the details before they start working.

It is old


You will not know your roof’s exact age, especially if you’ve purchased the house recently. As we’ve already discussed, the roof has a lifespan of approximately 20 years.

Often, your roof won’t show any signs of visible damage before you may have to replace it.

However, you can tell by its external appearance. When you start noticing birds nesting on top of your roof, it is good reason to be concerned, as bird droppings will damage your roof and compromise its integrity.

If you do know, after it turns 20 years of age, it is time to think about replacement. A year up and down won’t change anything, but the sooner you do this, the better. You don’t want to wait for any major problems to occur.

Shingles are Decaying


The roof which is missing shingles or where shingles are broken and damaged is definitely up for repair. This means that the roof isn’t providing the protection it should provide. How can you tell if your shingles are in a bad shape? Well, there can be patches of missing shingles or they are cracked, curled and become brittle. You may nee to get up and take a closer look.

Visible moss


Having moss on the roof is nothing unusual, but this can indicate that the roof needs replacing. Moss holds excess water which can cause leaks if the roof isn’t in a good condition. Also, moss appears on older roofs only. While you can remove the moss from your roof and extend its lifespan, you should also have the roof inspected to make sure there’s no any other type of damage.


These are the main points that you need to check for to determine whether to replace your roof or not. There are some other things that you can look for such as gutters, granules, sagging ceiling, leaks, bends, change of color, etc.