What Is Content Creation and How Can Liquorice Help You?

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The number of new businesses in New Zealand is increasing day in and day out, which increases the competition in the market. To deal with this competition, businesses need skilled content creators to help. Every entrepreneur is looking for people with new skills they can use to improve their business, and content creation is the leading example of such skills There are various influencers in New Zealand who you can approach to help market your business to a larger audience. They work for agencies such as Liquorice, which is well known for connecting businesses to a wide range of content creators.

Content creators are helping businesses create new content, whether it’s a portfolio, website, fliers or menus, and the list goes on.

What is Content Creation?

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Content creation is a term that is used in both the entertainment and business sectors. This simply means creating communication media for your audience. That could be an image, video, written blog, podcast or marketing materials, and so on. For a business, you could partner with content creators, popularly known as influencers to help market your business to a large audience. Liquorice is a company that can help you market your business through such content creation.

How Can Liquorice Help You?

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Liquorice is an agency based in New Zealand that helps businesses promote their brands in various ways. For social media, Liquorice connects you with various videographers, influencers, content creators, and so on that help promote your business to a larger audience. They take clear photos and videos, which they will post on their social media platforms where they will be viewed by a wider audience. In this case, you don’t have to spend much on marketing strategies, which some might require licensing. Just stop at Liquorice, a one-stop shop for all your business needs.

The Value of Influencer Marketing by Liquorice

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New Zealand is currently going through a revolution. First, there was the industrial revolution, then the mass media revolution, and as we speak, we are in the digital revolution. Liquorice is one of the pioneers of the marketing revolution. Gone are the days when businesses advertised using magazines, billboards, radio ads, and so on. Advertising has mostly gone online, with businesses working hand in hand with influencers to market their brands. The influencer marketing industry is currently worth $16.4 billion and is said to continue growing over the next few years, making it a perfect tool for promoting businesses. With that said, let’s look at some of the importance of using influencer marketing provided by Liquorice and other similar companies.

· Influencer marketing helps to speed up sales — Different research states that millennials spend hours daily on social media. Either reading posts on Instagram or watching videos on YouTube. Businesses are taking advantage of this and partnering with influencers to help boost their sales — and it is working. Nowadays, most people will purchase products either after seeing them on a blog or having them recommended by a friend or family member.

· Increase audience engagement — One benefit of working with content creators is that they improve your content, and when they post it on different social media platforms, their viewers are engaged and are likely to share or ask more about what’s posted. This in turn benefits your brand, since you get the exposure you require for your business to grow.


New Zealand is a country that is growing in terms of business, and the competition is real.

To stay on top of your game, you should partner with content creators, who will help market your brand to a larger audience. Luckily, we have already discussed Liquorice, a company that will always be a helping hand.