Top 6 Signs Your AC System is About to Quit on You!

The life expectancy of many AC systems is long, and with regular maintenance, their lifespan can be extended. However, occasional breakdowns are inevitable, and it’s best that you are prepared. Of course, spending money on AC repair or replacement is not something that one wants to do, but they are sometimes necessary.

In this article, we discuss the top warning signs that your AC system is not functioning properly and may be about to quit on you.

1. Strange sounds

Your AC system should never make strange noises at any time. Strange noises are never a good sign. For example, if you hear any whirring or droning noises from the unit at your home’s exterior, it is a sign of serious issues with your compressor.

Also, a failing blower motor could be the cause of screeching or grinding sounds from the outdoor unit or the air handler in your home. For more information about potential needs for repair and maintenance, visit us at

If there is a problem with ductwork design, it will usually manifest with clamoring, banging, whooshing, and rattling noises. You are most likely dealing with electrical problems if the system makes fast-clicking noises or won’t even turn on.

2. More frequent repairs

If you’ve had to call professional technicians more frequently to repair your AC unit lately, there’s a high likelihood that your AC is about to quit on you. The cost of constant repairs can become huge with time.

With careful analysis, you may discover that the cost of a new AC system is just about what you’ve spent on repairs. And think about how much you would save on energy costs from getting a new, energy-efficient system.

3. Aged AC Unit

The expected lifespan of a typical air conditioning system ranges from fifteen to twenty years. You shouldn’t be surprised to notice some wear and tear – this is normal. However, when your AC is close to 10 years, you may want to start watching out for signs that the system may be packing up soon.

This is not to suggest that you have to replace the AC unit just because it has reached this time frame. If there has been no sudden surge in your energy bill and the system does not have leak issues, then you may not need to replace the unit.

4. Increasing humidity in your home

In addition to cooling your home, your AC system is supposed to do the work of removing humidity from your home. So, another sign that your AC system is about to quit on you is that your home feels increasingly humid, even when the AC is cooling. In this case, replacing the system might be the best option.

Before opting for a replacement, however, you may want to have a professional technician check the evaporator coil. This coil is what does the work of removing moisture from the air within your home. If this problem can’t be solved by repairing or replacing the evaporator coil, then getting a new system is the way out.

5. High energy bills

A sudden or steady increase in your energy bill may be an indication that your AC system is dying. This usually happens when the system is working too hard. Improvements in the HVAC industry have made modern units that ensure that their energy consumption is at a considerably low level.

This is achieved by a new standard known as the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating. Of course, the size of your unit can affect its energy consumption. So, you may want to consult a professional HVAC technician to see if the unit is the right one for your home.

6. AC runs all the time

If your AC unit is running non-stop, then there is a very big issue with it. This can happen if the refrigerant in the system is low or the system is dirty. Once the thermostat reaches the set temperature, the indoor blower will shut off and the outdoor unit will not stop running, causing the unit to freeze up.

This is a serious problem that occurs with most dying AC systems. You may think that it is just a mere issue, but what happens is that if the unit fails to turn itself off, it causes the motor to burn fast, thereby causing the early death of the system.


Although the life expectancy of an AC system can be extended with regular maintenance, every AC system will eventually quit on your and replacement will be needed. However, looking out for the signs listed in this article will get you prepared.

As soon as you discover any strange sign from your system, contact a professional contractor to get it diagnosed and a solution will be recommended. Check out for a list of AC repair technicians around you.