When Should You Repair Your Air Condition?

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It is not easy to maintain a house for several reasons. One of the common questions that most people face is related to the air conditioner. Air conditioning is necessary for us to be comfortable during the summer, but it requires regular maintenance. We will try to give you an answer in this article to the question of when you should repair your air condition.

Your device is old

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If it’s been 10 years since you bought the air condition, it’s time for a change. While this may sound obvious, the devices age over time and are exposed to extreme temperatures throughout the year. They are also located outdoors, all of which shorten their lifespan. AC experts from Pacific Air Conditioning & Sheet Metal told us newer models can last up to 20 years, but if you have an older model and 10 years have passed, start thinking about a new one.

If your device is old, keep in mind that it will be difficult to replace parts. Some parts are no longer produced, which means that they will become unavailable over time. In that case, you will not be able to replace the defective part, but you will have to buy a new model.


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Depending on which model you have, it may last longer than indicated. There are many factors that affect its health and efficiency. One of them is proper maintenance throughout the life of the air conditioner. For example, you should not skip the annual maintenance that includes cleaning of filters, Freon refilling and so on.

Otherwise, you will have to replace it earlier than you planned. In addition, its lifespan is often affected by its use. If you use it often, it wears out faster, but the climatic conditions in the area where you live can also contribute to that. High humidity is not good for these devices. However, if you have cleaned and checked it regularly, it should be in good condition.

The device often breaks down

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If you often notice a malfunction, it is probably a consequence of poor maintenance.

The air conditioning repair Denver experts will notice the problem and correct any mistakes they found. However, if you have neglected the annual inspections, you may have a big problem that can only be solved by replacing it.

Whether you maintain the climate regularly, you can have multiple failures. There are several factors that will contribute to this condition. It can be up to the climate model, external conditions, manufacturers, age, etc. Either way, you should realize at that point that your air conditioner is unusable and needs to be replaced.

High costs

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If you haven’t done anything in your home and haven’t had sudden changes, and you notice high electricity bills, you should suspect your air conditioner. High costs are characteristic of faulty devices that need to be replaced. So consider your habits in using energy, but if they have remained the same, consider a new device. The cost indicates that the device is not working well and is losing efficiency, and this is mostly true for older models.


Pay attention to several factors that can jeopardize the correctness of your device. These are mainly external conditions, model production date, maintenance and more. High costs and frequent breakdowns are sure proof that it is time for a change.