3 Careers Paths to Excel at if You Like Writing

Careers Paths to Excel at if You Like Writing
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A writer penning a bestseller in their first attempt is somewhat of a rare occurrence. Writing is a craft that takes years, if not decades, to perfect and it can often seem like a painstaking, thankless job. It’s easy to romanticize a writer’s job: one often has the image of a genius, whose head is brimming with profound passages, taking a seat in front of their laptop, armed with a piping hot mug of coffee.

But, of course, we writers know better. We know that such artistic dreams require an exorbitant amount of privilege to see the light of day. We know the mental toll it takes on us to reach a point when we can approach our craft with calmness and mechanical precision.

But what does one do until that moment? How does this romantic writer deal with the drudgeries of daily life to do something as essential as paying rent or bringing food to their table? Writers can dream, but we gotta pay our bills too!

That’s what we explore today. Let’s look at three lucrative career paths that an aspiring writer takes up to pay the bills.

1. Content writer

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In an age that heralds the content creator as royalty, writing has become a lucrative skill to acquire. Almost every organization requires a writer to maintain its presence in a highly competitive digital market.

Whether it’s copywriting, creating website content, advertising copy, or promotional blogs, content writing is a career that is not only financially viable but also leaves room for creativity and myriad opportunities to explore different forms of writing in subjects you’re already familiar or interested in.

You can look for content writing gigs in professional job platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Monsterjobs, and more. You can also network with fellow writers or find gigs in freelance writing portals like Fiverr and Upwork.

2. Proofreader or editor

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And with the abundance of writers in the digital workplaces comes a need for people who can ensure that the text is presentable. This is when editors and proofreaders make a difference. Editing is yet another career that allows you to be close to language, albeit in a unique position. It also gives you the opportunity to understand writing as a technical and artistic task, as you would primarily work towards creating well-written content.

An excellent way to start your editorial career is as an in-house professional in an editing and proofreading firm like PaperTrue. Not only will it be a reliable source of income, it will also be a great opportunity for you to learn the tricks of the trade under the guidance of experienced editors. Plus, it allows you to explore different styles of editing.

3. Teacher

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If you are inclined to write, then teaching is also a great career choice for you! It’s often considered a profession that’s quite close to writing (perhaps because both require the ability to communicate ideas clearly). And the best part is that it allows you to be close to subjects you have expertise in or are interested in.

As a teacher, you have the option to teach younger students (in school) or students at university. Literature, journalism, and creative writing are pretty good options for a writer also working as a teacher. You can also consider teaching English as a second language, especially if you like traveling or know another language yourself.

Just to sum up

If you like writing and you’re looking for intellectually stimulating career opportunities, here are three paths you can explore:

  1. Content writing
  2. Editing and proofreading
  3. Teaching

Each of these careers has a lot of potential and is tremendously versatile. So take your time exploring various options, and you might even learn something new about yourself!