6 Best Countries in Asia for Casino Tourism in 2024

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The casino and gambling industry is quickly progressing. Though the best country for casino tourism remains Las Vegas, the growing number of casinos clubs in Asian countries attracts more tourists who are casino and gambling enthusiasts.

Top 6 Asian Countries For Casino Tourism

Here are the top four countries that are popular for their casino tourism.

1. China (Macau)

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The first place that pops up when people think about casinos in Asia is Macau. Macau is competing with Vegas to become the ultimate gambling destination. In recent years, the city’s casinos and gambling establishments have generated more income than Vegas.

At present, Macau has 20 of Asia’s largest casino venues, as well as some of the world’s most prominent casinos. Due to its numerous casinos and vibrant nightlife, Macau is known as Asia’s Las Vegas.

2. The Philippines (Manila)

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Since gambling became legal in the Philippines, the country has established itself as one of Southeast Asia’s most popular casino destinations. As a result, Manila has become quite popular among travelers for its casino clubs. Casino fans should visit Entertainment City, a neighborhood near the bay where the city’s most well-known casinos are found, such as Solaire and City of Dreams.

3. Singapore

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After legalizing gambling in the 2000s, Singapore became one of the arising casino countries in Asia, captivating millions of casino fans. In Marina Bay Sands, there is a massive 15,000 square foot casino. In addition to that, around 1,500 slot machines and 600 casino gaming tables are available.

4. Cambodia

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Following the Covid-19 outbreak, several industry analysts believe Cambodia will dominate the return of land-based gambling in the Asia Pacific area. Since Golden Crown opened in Poipet in 1999, the number of gambling visitors has constantly increased in Cambodia. As of now, this country has a number of casino resorts, and most of them are located near the Vietnamese border. Some casinos are competitors to casinos in Macau and Vegas in terms of size.

5. Vietnam

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Casinos are one of the few conditional enterprises authorized in Vietnam, and there are only six legal casinos in the country. In Vietnam, only Corona Casino Phu Quoc is now open to Vietnamese players. You can check out vietnamgamble.com which is a trusted agent for casinos in Vietnam.

6. South Korea (Seoul)

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Another popular casino and gambling destination for tourists is Seoul, which is South Korea’s capital. This country has taken a free approach to gambling, which has aided the industry’s growth on Korean soil. In total, there are around 23 casinos in South Korea, and travelers are only permitted to gamble at the tables. On the other hand, the government enables Koreans to gamble at Kangwon Land Resort and Casino, a remote casino in the country.

Bottom Line

The number of casinos and gambling spots are increasing in Asian countries. Because of that, some Asian countries are becoming popular for casino tourism in 2024. Casino enthusiasts can travel to the above-listed Asian countries to know how casinos work in that country.