3 Riser Grating Installation Tips for Your Workplace

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The most common injuries in the workplace are due to falls, especially in the construction industry. Falling from a height is unfortunately not a rare situation when it comes to this type of work, so it is necessary to take all key measures to prevent this. Riser voids are part of every construction site during the process of building or renovating multi-storey buildings. They basically represent holes in the floor through which workers often fall, leading to injuries and sometimes even fatal outcomes. Installing riser grating is one of the ways to prevent such situations and increase the level of employee safety. Below you can read some of our riser grating installation tips for your workplace.

What are riser voids?

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During the construction or renovation of buildings, it is necessary to find a way to supply electricity and other services and deliver them to each individual floor. Riser voids are very helpful here. They basically represent holes in the floor. Although riser voids have a practical role, they are also a source of danger for construction workers. It often happens that, while doing their job, workers simply overlook these holes and fall through them, which results in serious injuries. Therefore, it is necessary to find a practical solution that will increase the level of worker safety.

Riser grating is a solution

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Fortunately, a very practical and simple way has been devised to overcome this obstacle on the construction site. By installing riser grating you eliminate these holes and reduce the risk of falls, significantly increasing the safety of construction workers. When it is necessary to pass electricity and other services, this grating can be lifted, and then returned to the place when the process is completed.

Tips for riser grating installation for your workplace

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1. Find the optimal product

Before you start the process of installing riser grating, it is necessary to make sure that they are of optimal quality. Properly designed riser gratings will be easier to install, but will also be more functional. For example, it is a good idea to take the extra time to find riser grating from non-slip materials to ensure that there is a minimal chance of a fall.

2. Be careful

When installing riser grating, you need to watch your step and approach this job with great caution. As we mentioned, falls are very common on a construction site, so you should keep that in mind during the installation process as well. The last thing you need is to fall through a hole where you did not place the riser grating and injure yourself.

3. Hire professionals to do the installation work for you

If you do not have the necessary knowledge and skills in this field, it may be a much better idea to leave this job to experts. Professionals will ensure that the Riser Grating installation work is done in the fastest and best possible way. Once they are done, you can be sure that the installation has been completed successfully and that your construction workers will be much safer in the future.