6 Fastest Gold Farming Methods in Lost Ark to try in 2024

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Gold is actually the currency in the Lost Ark game that enables players to make different types of purchases in the auction house, whether we are talking about the costumes, accessories, pets, food, consumables, and some others. As every experienced player knows, Lost Ark Gold plays a crucial role in the gear progression in all of the three tiers.

This is a currency that can be considered as the necessary one and you will constantly need it. Therefore, one of the main questions of the players refers actually to the concept of how they can earn the easiest and quickest in the Lost Art. In this guide, we prepared some of the most effective ways to farm gold.

The first option – Chaos Dungeon

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In general, you should know that Chaos dungeons have two methods of farming gold in the game. The first one includes the option to spawn a red or gold portal after you kill the boss on stage. Both of the portals are rewarding players with gold and you will additionally get some extra materials that can be beneficial for your gameplay. Red portals are more generous than gold ones. As a player, you can only earn the gold rewards during the first two daily runs. After the infinite chaos of dungeon spam, you will not be able to receive gold. Logically, the amount of gold that you will get will depend on the difficulty of the chaos dungeon level.

When it comes to the second method, you should understand that it includes selling materials on auction houses. Upgraded materials you gain are tradable. However, broken items that come with different random tripod levels you can only get in tier 3 chaos, which provides a chance of getting ability stones and engraving books. They are incredibly valuable, so you will get a huge profit when you sell them. In general, you can only farm chaos dungeon in tier 3 for crystals that you will be able to exchange for tradable materials that you can sell after. We suggest you sell only the upgraded materials if you really need gold.

The second option – Guardian Raids

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One more very fast method to get gold lost ark is from Guardian raids. They are basically dropping non-personal materials. In other words, this means that everything that you can get from guardians you can use to sell, trade, or give it as a gift. Therefore, this is a very beneficial option that you should take advantage of. Basically, you can only do guardians and chaos dungeon for the materials twice a day.

The third option – Cubes

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Unfortunately, players are not even aware of the fact that cubes can be beneficial from their gameplay in terms of getting gold. As a player, you are getting zero tradable materials from cubes, mostly you just gain shillings or silver. In general, you are getting polished materials usable for your character. However, the good side is that you can also get engraving books which will provide you with farming engraving books. After that, you are free to sell them for an incredibly huge amount of gold.

The fourth option – Boss Rush

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If you are looking for an even greater way to get gold than the cubes can provide, you should consider boss rush. Boss rush actually results in gyms which can be sold for a very big amount of gold very quickly and effectively. In general, after you complete some boss rush, you can expect to get gold, even without selling the gems you are creating from someone’s boss rush. You should know that when as bigger gyms you sold, the more Lost Ark gold you will be able to get.

Therefore, this means that the more characters you are having, you are getting more boss rush tickets. Which will result in getting more gems that you will sell for the gold. You can benefit from boss rushers in another way because they are awarding personal leap stones that are not for trades. In act, they are awarding it in the most greater profit than any other part of the game that can provide you. Therefore, they will be very significant for upgrading your character throughout tier 3.

The fifth option – World Boss

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You should know that world bosses are dropping a wide range of different assortment of both personal and non-personal items. This means that they are dropping personal polished materials that you can use for improving your percentage chance that will upgrade your success. Additionally, world bosses are dropping non-personal weapons, crystals, and even engraving books, which comes with a very valuable price. When it comes to engraving books, they will constantly drop the tier 3 world bosses, but their value can go from 50 gold to a couple of thousand gold.

You should expect that the gold is going to be divided among all participating players. This means that you will not really get a chance to get more than 100 gold worth, however, it is still much more valuable than some cheapest Lost Ark Gold options. Additionally, you have the chance to sell the weapon crystal and if you get even a good accessory, you will never know how much it is going to be worth.

The sixth option – Chaos Gate

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One more way that you can consider when it comes to farming gold in the lost ark is completing the task of chaos gate. More precisely, after you successfully finish with the chaos gate, you are going to get one of three available tiers that include secret maps.

Logically, the one that you will get will depend on the item level that the chaos gate requires. For instance, when it comes to the blue secret maps, we suggest you keep them in exchange at map exchanger NPC for getting a higher tier.

On the other hand, when it comes to the maps that are purple, you will have two options.

The first one includes selling one map run for getting gold in return. You can sell it to three different individuals without maps or you can group up with three other players that also completed the purple secret map. If you all complete the map four times, you will be able to get four rewards. In general, the greater reward that you can get refers to the harmonyshards bag. This bag refers to the tier of the chaos gate and it can vary from tier 1 to tier 3 which also varies in value.