Most Common Mistakes That Drivers Tend to Make While Learning


There are no those who know everything. Whenever acquiring new knowledge is in question we all have to learn it, some just learn a bit faster, that is all.

When it comes to new drivers, some are intimidated by the notion of sitting behind a wheel and driving a car. Others for instance have no issues with it and they are relaxed and comfortable from day one. After you pass all the legal questions and the testing you will get a chance to sit with your driver instruct in the car for the first time and learn the practical part of driving.

Driving instructions sit differently with everyone. Some are afraid not to make mistakes in front of their instructor and this causes them to be in a state where their brain keeps making mistake after mistake because of fear, while others who can relax themselves tend to do better. Now, no matter which type of driver learner you are bound to make some mistakes. Even those that have a natural feeling for driving do make mistakes and in the article, we have before you today, we will explain just what are the most common mistakes everyone makes whilst learning to drive.

The best way to combat any mistakes or fears is to always choose the best driving school and instructors. Those guys are half of your knowledge and safety and if you want to be in the party of the best then your answer is right here!

1. Concentrating on oncoming traffic


According to driving instructors, most of the learners tend to focus hard on the oncoming traffic and by doing so they make plenty of mistakes and swirling moves in their car. This is enough to get points deduced and probably take a lot of time in getting your permit. Now the best advice here is to not focus on the oncoming traffic so much but the road you have ahead of yourself and watch the gaps between the end of the road and the car that is coming toward you. Centre your right knee in the middle of that gap and you should have no issues at all.

2. Waiting too close

A really common mistake that learners make is that they come close to the curb and close to the object they are waiting behind. The situation that best describes this is if you had a vehicle parked on your side of the road and you have a car coming from the opposite direction, you are the one that has to stop and let the car coming toward you pass. If you stick too close to that car you were waiting behind you will have issues seeing around that parked car you have to steer a lot to pass it and it looks like you have parked yourself. This means that you will have cars behind trying to overtake you and you will have to focus on your rear-view mirrors and side mirror too much.

3. Not using turn signals


Now, whenever you are learning something new you are focusing hard on things you have to know and remember at certain points. This can be a bit overwhelming and can cause you to forget some things. In driving you to have to mind so many things, your driving line, speed, cars in front, cars in back of you, pedestrians and so much more. This can be overwhelmingly tough for new drivers and they will most commonly forget simple things that should come as natural, like using your turn signals whenever you are planning to turn or pass someone.

4. Blocking the left lanes

Now learners or new drivers tend to make the mistake of driving in the left lane on two-lane roads or highways and somehow, they tend to match the speed of the car on the right and simply stay there blocking all the traffic behind them. This is very wrong and you shouldn’t do this no matter whether you are on a highway with multiple lanes or on a two-lane road never drive side by side a car on your right, and no matter how many lanes there are treat all left lanes as passing lanes and always return to the right one after you passed someone.

5. Excessive slowdowns for no reason


Now, more experienced drivers are annoyed by this but they also understand why is this happening because at some point they were in this position. What new drivers tend to do is always excessively slow down for almost every turn. This of course does not mean that you shouldn’t do this when you have sharper turns and roads, driving through the mountains or a bit of snow. This issue is with new drivers who still can’t assess their turns and corners and they are playing it safe by excessively hitting the brakes at every corner or every issue ahead of them. To be perfectly honest their plenty of those who do this whenever they have oncoming traffic, especially if those are larger trucks or vans.

6. Rushing

Now, whenever a new driver tries to rush things for whatever reason they usually get into trouble. That can be anything from getting their vehicle to stall to causing their instructor to brake to stop for them. An instructor can sometimes ask you to react quicker to induce some panic from you to see your reactions and they report that if and when they do this the results are usually stalled cars or learners not knowing what to do. In driving even if you are rushed, find a tempo and a secure way to do things if you want to be as safe as possible.

As you could see this isn’t a very long list but it is a list of the six most common mistakes every new driver makes while learning or straight after they get their license. If we were to get all driving instructors and have them report on all the mistakes, they have encountered over the years the list would be infinite. This way we wrote about what they see the most, and most importantly what bothers them the most while you are in a process of learning.

These things can also cost you your driving license so be wary and be safe. If you see any of these behaviours in your driving routine, work on them immediately and fix them ASAP!