Profitfx Announces Launching Trading Website for Investors and Traders


ProfitFX has released its trading platform that empowers investors to attain substantial returns on all investments on various assets that are invested. Claiming that early customers and beneficiaries are beginning to give positive feedback and reviews on their experience using the platform.

Why ProfitFX


ProfitFX, a key player amongst other top trading platforms has announced the premiere of a classic trading website available globally to traders and investors alike. According to assessments, investors now have total control over the management of their assets and perform trading activities as they deem fit. Using the website features, traders and investors can feel free to do as they please with their funds, granting exclusive privilege to customers.

Features Available on ProfitFX


The platform is built with a user-friendly interface, fast-paced loading attribute ensuring a positive customer experience.

Traders and Investors have access to a wide array of advanced analytical tools that would help traders make educative trading choices.

As noted earlier, they provides exclusive trading privileges to customers, allowing them to make individual choices.

The website is available to customers of diverse backgrounds, available in 10 different languages to serve different users.

Possess a wide array of financial instruments of currencies, crypto, commodities, indexes as well as stocks.

Professionals are engaged in the make-up of all segments of the platform ensuring that all requirements of being a top-notch platform are met.

Another noteworthy feature is the availability of the website in different languages to different cabals of traders and investors.

Account Types and Benefits


There are three account types available to traders making use of ProfitFX, these accounts are categorized mainly because of the benefits attached. They are;

• Explorer Account: with a deposit of $3K-$5K, traders would enjoy cross-platform trading as well as customer service with a touch of budgeting
• Basic Account: attracting a deposit of $10K-$25K, users get private sessions with the analyst as well as a weekly market review and research.
• Silver Account: having the same benefit as the basic account but rendered on a higher scale, the deposit is a minimum of $50K.
• Gold Account: include the aforementioned benefits as well as a Money Management plan. Deposit is from $100-$250K
• Platinum Account: here, there is direct access to your account analyst and you have the benefit of opening up to five trades that can be hidden from your analyst.

Managements’ Opinion on ProfitFX


According to Frank Waters, ProfitFX Marketing Director, “ProfitFX is a useful trading website that fully meets our high requirements and standards. We are leading a new generation of value-based investors, enabling them to develop their conscious investment plan based on their values, ensuring accountability and transparency”. He went on to claim that consulting processes were done with professionals in the financial, investment banking, legal, and IT field to ensure the platform is sophisticated enough to meet investors’ needs while remaining compliant.

ProfitFX is a trading platform that allows users the freedom to trade and be accountable for their trading exercises, strategies, and approaches. The company’s platform is for all traders and investors regardless of their level of expertise. A starter, intermediate, or expert in trading? ProfitFX is for you, investors and traders can register through the company’s website address.