Looking for a Live Casino Game With Real-Time Stats? Try Tracksino’s Crazy Time

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Thanks to the evolution of technology, the modern world is showering us with a myriad of opportunities to enjoy tried and proven game concepts in a completely new way. Never before in the history of gambling was it so simple and straightforward to combine elements of live casino gameplay with real-time statistics obtained from sessions with other players. Tracksino’s Crazy Time is all this and more.

But why does this matter and what are the cool things you can do with having access to valuable in-game statistics like this? Stay tuned to find out!

Shape your decisions based on concrete facts

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Just like every cook has their own recipes, so do the gamblers have their own approach to playing the game. In doing so, different strategies can emerge, and one of them is observing the results of the recently played rounds and acting accordingly.

As part of the Crazy Time live stream, you will see a tracker that displays the percentage of what numbers were the most prevalent in the last 24 hours, for example. In addition, crazy time stats will show you the complete results history that records every round down to the very last minute, as part of which you’ll be able to see the following cold hard numbers:

• Slot Result
• Spin Result
• Multiplier
• Total winners
• Total payout
• etc.

So how would this be useful to you as the player? Simple! Perhaps you feel like “riding the waves of good fortune”, meaning that you’ll only place a bet when you notice a spike in RTP or when total payout numbers start to go up. Or perhaps when your judgment is telling you that no special minigame has been activated for a substantial amount of time and that now might be a good time to place your bet!

Crazy Time means crazy multipliers!

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Speaking of minigames and bonuses, Crazy Time does not hold back in this regard:

1. Crazy Time

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This iconic special event summons a huge wheel that overtakes the screen. It’s similar to the regular wheel you’ll see spinning in every round, but with a twist; this time, there will be 3 flappers to choose from, witch each hiding a juicy multiplier!

2. Coin Flip

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Heads or tails, it’s either a smaller or a bigger win! Each one of the two possible results applies a multiplier to your winnings.

3. Pachinko

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Upon triggering the Pachinko minigame, the game host will leap towards the brightly lit reels and drop a ball at the top. Inspired by a traditional Japanese Pachinko machine, whatever multiplier the ball ends up landing on is the one that will be applied to your winnings.

4. Cash Hunt

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When the game hosts pulls the lever, the multiplier prizes will be concealed and scrambled all over the place. After that, it’s the players’ turn to control the scope and shoot the desirable target!

In Cash Hunt, just shoot the prize you’re aiming for!


When playing Tracksino’s Crazy Time, let yourself be taken aback by the unique character of every game host personality – they change shifts all the time, so diversity is the name of the game. To see how it all works in practice, be sure to tune in to the live stream with stats that’s available 24/7 where you can also watch a replay of the wildest moments in Crazy Time’s history!