Is Masturbation Actually Healthy for Men – 2024 Guide


When people talk about masturbation, they usually put it in a negative context. They say those who do that are desperate, and can’t even meet a partner, and many other disrespectful things. Of course, that’s not the truth at all.

People masturbate, and that’s normal for all of us. It’s a self-stimulating activity for sexual pleasure, and it’s a normal part of our life. Even the children play with their genitals, in a non-sexual way, so they can discover the different senses of their body.

So, why do we judge the adults who do that?

Also, we want to note that public masturbation is not something we support, and we strongly believe these types of activities are strictly private.

Let’s see if it’s healthy for men particularly:

1. It releases the sexual tension


Even if you don’t have a partner to have intercourse with, it doesn’t mean you need to keep that sexual tension inside of you.

2. Less stress

As you achieve an orgasm, endorphin is released in your body, and you feel better immediately. Less stress leads to an improved general health condition.

3. Lower risk for STD

We are sure you are a responsible man who always uses the needed protection. But, masturbation can’t lead to STDs. Also, we suggest you do that with properly washed hands (or toys), just in case.

4. Your mood is getting better


We don’t even need to explain this one. You probably know it better than anyone else.

5. Improvements in your sexual performance

In some way, you are practicing your skills and performance, so you can be a better sexual partner.

6. You understand what do you really need

Knowing your body is the main benefit of masturbation. By doing that, you are getting aware of what do you really want and need, and which actions are not suitable for you.

7. You will sleep better


You are relaxed, have low levels of stress, and your mood is improved, as a result of your self-satisfaction. What does that mean? Of course, you will sleep better at night, without all that built-up stress inside of you.

8. You can spice things up without someone being judgmental

Many guys enjoy sexual stimulation using toys, dolls, or even artificial replicas of genitals.

Just take a look at, and get inspired by it.

9. You can detect potential health issues

Men who ejaculate often, have a lower risk of prostate cancer, according to medical studies.

Also, while touching yourself, you can detect if there are any changes in the tissues, and act in time.

10. Your skin will look fabulous


Blame it on all those hormones. Almost all the people look glowy and shiny after sexual activity, no matter if it was intercourse or masturbation.

So, what can we conclude?

Yes, masturbation can be healthy for those who practice it. Let all that guilt you have go away. And of course, be careful, because masturbation addiction is a real thing among people.