How to Prove Whether or Not God Exists?


Religion is the hottest topic out there, no matter what timeframe we are looking at.

However, we can see that this topic has become much more active in the 21st century. If you take a look at a couple of surveys, you will see that roughly 33% of the US population does not believe in God.

At the same time, these people don’t have any affiliation with any religious group. However, some of them would consider themselves spiritual, but not religious. Since the number of people who are not believers has increased, it is no surprise that there are many heating arguments regarding this topic.

Between these two parties, there is a significant chunk of people who don’t have an opinion on this topic. Thankfully, there are places where they can learn about this subject, like My Real God. No matter the affiliation, all are wondering whether it is possible to prove God’s existence.

The Traces of Bible in Real Life


In the last two decades, many explorers have started a journey of establishing a connection between real life and the Bible. They did this by reading the Bible and looking for the signs of these occurrences in the real world. The best example is the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Some of them claim that they’ve found proof that fire destroyed a human settlement in the region near the Dead Sea.

We are talking about a movement that’s been particularly popular among protestants. But, that doesn’t mean that members of other Christian affiliations didn’t try to prove something like this. If you conduct thorough online research, you will find a plethora of these explorations in Israel, Jordan, and surrounding countries.

Human Existence Itself


We’ve all heard about Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, and it is clear that no believer in the world agrees with it. One of the main arguments believers have is that every person in the world experiences some sort of God’s intervention a couple of times during their lifetime.

We are talking about lucky situations when some dangerous situations were avoided by accident. Besides that, they say that human existence itself is God’s miracle.

God and Science

While the prevalent opinion is that science disapproves of God’s existence, many believers don’t believe this is a necessity. In fact, they think that science is a great tool for them to confirm all the stories in the Bible. For example, science can confirm whether it is possible to turn water into blood.

Still, this is not the only thing they believe is possible by using these tools. These movements are growing, along with the higher percentage of agnostics and atheists. Both of these parties think that science is the key that will unlock this mystery. It is not known whether they are right or not.

In Conclusion

“Is there a God?” is the most frequently asked question of all time. Some say that giving a satisfying answer to this question is not possible. However, there are a couple of ways that at least some questions can get answered.